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Hiroshima for Global Peace

archbishopMeeting with Archbishop, Thomas Aquinas cardinal Manyo Maeda

On January 28, YUZAKI Hidehiko, Governor of Hiroshima Prefecture, had the meeting with His Eminence Thomas Aquinas Cardinal Manyo Maeda, Archbishop of Osaka.
The governor appreciated for the support to Pope’s visit to Hiroshima. He also expressed his gratitude for Pope’s message in Hiroshima. Especially, he was encouraged that Pope Francis clearly denies the nuclear deterrence and appeals the importance of memorizing and taking action.
His Eminence Maeda told us that Pope’s message in the Meeting for Peace in Hiroshima that was held at the A-bomb Dome and cenotaph for the A-bomb Victims background had a huge impact on the world.
We also discussed how Pope Francis knows the photo of “the boy standing by the crematory” and he became interested in the abolition of nuclear weapons. The year 2020 falls on the 75th anniversary of atomic bombing of Hiroshima and we will take various initiatives toward the peaceful international community free from nuclear weapons.

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