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Hiroshima for Global Peace

EARTH Hiroshima





Making the people in front of you happy, which will lead to peace.



EARTH Hiroshima, launched three and a half years ago, is a peace brand from Hiroshima that delivers a message to the world. It connects creators with various manufacturing companies in Hiroshima and has created products for tourists in Europe and the United States. Currently, the products are sold in more than 30 stores, mainly in Hiroshima.



Orizuru (Paper Crane)  Charm




The intentions for starting up the company came from the idea that if we worked with a creator who had returned to Hiroshima after being active in the Tokyo region and a manufacturer in Hiroshima who wanted to make original products, we could make use of our strengths to create products as a team.

Also, 25 years ago, when I became seriously ill, I saw the earth in a dream. Because I am a second-generation atomic bomb survivor, I always thought that one day I would like to do something that would lead to peace. Now I have finally been able to give shape to my work.

 One of our products is a series of paper cranes (Orizuru) made of recycled paper, which is filled with the wish for peace that was dedicated to the Children’s Peace Monument . The dissection process involves a “workshop” where people with disabilities work, which helps to create employment.



Notebook recycled from orizuru (paper cranes): Gold Wings / Silver Wings




Recycled orizuru paper Aroma Diffuser PEACE/LOVE




These products are filled with a variety of emotions. I hope that when foreigners take them in their hands, even if they don’t receive all the emotions, they will be warmed by it. We would be happy if someone said to us, “It’s so cute and Japanese,” about a product with an origami crane motif.





 The color blue is often used in “EARTH Hiroshima” products, and this is the color of the earth. I am conscious of the human connection with the earth. “World Peace” sounds grand, but I hope that by continuing to make the people in front of me happy, it can also lead to peace. In the future, we plan to increase sales overseas as well, and establish the Hiroshima brand as the name of “EARTH Hiroshima”. I hope to establish the Hiroshima brand as a household name.
This is why we launched the One EARTH Project in June to support the development and dissemination of a vaccine for the new coronavirus at a time when the world is facing a serious corona crisis. Well-known creators from Japan and abroad have participated in this project, and all profits from sales will be donated to the GAVI Alliance. Thank you to all  who participated in this project.



GAVI Allience

The OneEARTH Project, a project to support the development and dissemination of new COVID-19 vaccines.(This project has been completed.)

EARTH Hiroshima




GORAI Chizuru

Since the establishment of “Hiroshima SOHO’ Club” in 2000, has devoted herself to the management of shared offices and corporate support activities. Also, launching a number of projects that connect creators and companies to energize the community. Most recently, involving in the “One EARTH Project” to support the development and spread of the new coronavirus.



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