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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Future Leaders' Program 2019-Debriefing SessionFuture Leaders’ Program for Global Peace 2019: Debriefing Session

Debriefing Session of Future Leaders’ Program for Global Peace 2019 starting from July 2019 was held on February 2. 

This program is for high school students in Hiroshima contributing to world peace. In the program, students learn basic international relations, English as well as pressing issues of today. 

During the debriefing session, participants presented in English what they learned and think in the program. 

The presentation by participants

  • I expand my horizon and knowledge through the lectures
  • I knew the fact that people know the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima but they do not know what happened in Hiroshima after the bomb was dropped.
  • I learned that there are various opinions toward the abolition of nuclear weapons through the discussion with students who have different views.
  • When I visited Philippine, I knew the reality of poverty and inequality.
  • I found in Philippine that there are people who think that they do not need to go to school. I learned that the cause of the issue is not only one, several causes exist.
  • What we, young people, can do is to learn the history and overcome differences in order not to repeat the tragedy.
  • We can share the information what they learned and also we can shear our opinion through SNS.
  • Through this program, I have a dream to become a teacher and want to give education to children in the world.

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