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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Future Leaders' Program 2019-OctoberFuture Leaders’ Program for Global Peace 2019 Report (October 27) Vol.1

Date: October 27 , 2019

Lecture Name: Civil Action toward the abolition of nuclear weapons

Lecturer: YUASA Ichiro, President of Peace Depot, Inc.

The report written by participants (High school students in Hiroshima) is posted without editing.

We learned about how important citizens’ movement are. In history, many citizens and groups tried to decrease nuclear weapons. It is not a very big power, but it will be! We, youth have to do some actions from now on.

(Written by MATSUMURO Miu)

Peace Depot is a civil organization established to contribute to civil activities through information and research activities related to peace.
After the nuclear test in Panama, Japan’s first survey of artificial radioactivity was detected from the sea in a survey by the Japanese government.
Since 1967, it has been the Caribbean South African nuclear weapons zone. Peace Depot is promoting a similar 3 + 3 concept. The Japanese government is not a member of the Nuclear Weapons Convention. But at the situation of PTBT, citizens’ voices moved the government. Moved the United Nations, and moved the United States. The fact that NGOs won the Nobel Peace Prize is that they were recognized globally for their work playing a huge role in concluding the treaty.

(Written by MATSUMURA Kairi)

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