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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Future Leaders' Program 2019-DecemberFuture Leaders’ Program for Global Peace 2019 Report (December 15) Vol.2

Date: December 15, 2019

Lecture Name: Contributing toward the abolition of nuclear weapons from Hiroshima

Lecturer: YUZAKI Hidehiko, Governor of Hiroshima Prefecture

The report written by participants (High school students in Hiroshima) is posted without editing.

This lecture was given as questions and answers on “Hiroshima for Global Peace” Plan.
As a brief summary, our governor mentioned the two points required us : “to pass memories of Hibakusya onto the next generation and beyond” and “to make actions with cooperation aimed at rundown of reliance on nuclear weapons,” which imply “the potential of civil society”. He emphasized the importance of ‘education’ which foster initiative and the ability to think critically to achieve it.
He showed it as one of the achievements and marks to invite more visitors to Hiroshima.
Also, he said that we need to see the questions from a higher perspective as a long run, which is required to consider each social background such as economies, politics and so on.
I’ve realized the need to reflect ourselves and make improvements on “How ‘HIROSHIMA’ should be” in the part of the thinking; what real peace is.

(Written by MORI Hinata)

The governor of Hiroshima, Mr. Yuzaki gave a lecture on becoming the human resources who contribute to the abolition of nuclear weapons. In the first half of the lecture, he explained the message of the speech that the Pope made in Nagasaki and Hiroshima in this November. And then, he answered the questions from the learners.
 Through this lecture, I appreciated deeply that Hiroshima is the symbolic place to promote global peace. I have to display initiative to develop my ability further, and make efforts continuously to acquire knowledges and skills of promoting world peace that international society requires. Now, I’ll try to make small actions for peacebuilding.

(Written by YAMAMOTO Ayako)

Mr. Yuzaki, the governor of Hiroshima prefecture, gave us a lecture focused on how to keep memories of the atomic bombing and what global leader is.
Through this lecture, I could get more clear image of what I want to be in the future. I think that realizing a dream is not an ordinary thing, but I will continue to work hard without escaping from pain.

(Written by YAMAMOTO Shiori)

Mr. Yuzaki gave us a constructive lecture. Through this, I learned abolishing nuclear weapons has many challenges to be solved. The biggest one is “deterrence of nuclear power.” This concept has an element of truth. However, he talked us with Popeʼs speech that it is impossible for countries which has a terrible weapon in their hand argue peace. I agree this opinion. Now I donʼt know enough about peace yet. So, I want to continue to study.

(Written by YOSHIDA Yuki)

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