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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Hiroshima Declaration/ Group J


We, the 57 participants of the 7th Hiroshima Junior International Forum, held during August 16th and 20th 2022, gathered online from 12 countries to learn about and discuss the abolition of nuclear weapons and peacebuilding.

We, the younger generation, understand that billions of people around the world are frightened by the risk of nuclear weapons being used in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. We also understand that not only in Ukraine but also around the world, there are millions of people whose lives and safety are threatened by armed conflicts. The issues of abolition of nuclear weapons and peacebuilding are just as important as ever.

We have a responsibility to free people from the threat of nuclear weapons and to restore dignity to people in conflict zones. In order to take action on nuclear abolition and peacebuilding, we, the youth of today, need to acquire expertise and build a network of like-minded peers. With the strong will of the people of Hiroshima, at this forum we had a chance to listen to the testimony of hibakusha and lecture of experts as well as discussing the challenges and solutions for abolition of nuclear weapons and peacebuilding.

The Hiroshima Declaration is the final output of all that we have learned and discussed over these 5 days. The Hiroshima Declaration is an action plan for ourselves and a proposal for like-minded people around the world.


<Challenges and Solutions for Abolition of Nuclear Weapons>

✧ Toward nuclear weapons abolition, we recognize that countries with nuclear weapons assume that nuclear deterrence contributes to stability and national security. They believe that by having more nuclear weapons than other countries, they can deter other countries from launching nuclear weapon attacks. We also realize some countries’ unwillingness to destroy their existing nuclear weapons to gain international status regardless of the high maintenance cost.

✧ For this challenge, we suggest that countries with nuclear weapons enter into a dialogue with each other and provide more transparency regarding their military power information and military plans or activities that are conducted near another country’s border so there are no misunderstandings.

✧ For this challenge, we recommend that all nations agree to join the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. For the nations to ratify the treaty, we can revise the TPNW treaty to accommodate more for the concerns of the countries with nuclear weapons.


<Our Role for Abolition of Nuclear Weapons>

✧ We, the young people, realize the destruction that nuclear weapons can bring and the importance of abolishing it, and spread the idea to people around us as much as we can.
✧ We, the young people, commit to disseminate the current situation related to nuclear weapons such as the number of nuclear weapons possessed through SNS.

✧ We, the young people, commit to share our opinions about the improper use of nuclear weapons with our schoolmates in our club activities, so more young people will get to think seriously about this issue.

✧ We, the young people, commit to abandon the thought that we should only care about ourselves, and try to understand various ideas from individuals.


<The Role of Hiroshima for Abolition of Nuclear Weapons>

✧ We believe that Hiroshima can change people’s perceptions of nuclear weapons. Hiroshima is one of only two places where an atomic bomb was dropped, and that has great significance. They will be able to convey the tragedy of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima to the world, and continue to convey its threat. Then if it touches people’s hearts, people will question the existence of nuclear weapons and the movement to abolish them will becomes bigger.

✧ We expect Hiroshima to be a global bridge in order to have nuclear weapon states participate in G7 in Hiroshima next year and to call on them to just take part in discussions. To solve this Hiroshima should understand the current situation in the other countries as well as of the war between Ukraine and Russia. Also it’s important not to give them too much pressure to participate in.

✧ We expect Hiroshima to continue transmitting information about its tragedy in 1945, and the importance of the abolition of nuclear weapons, as well as world peace. To solve this, Hiroshima should use social media, and have hibakusha tell not only the story of the event in 1945 but we must not repeat the same tragedy and hand it down to the next generation.


<Challenges and Solutions for Peacebuilding>

✧ Towards peacebuilding, we recognize the widening education gap causes disparities in access to learning opportunities. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, inequalities of education exist between families of low income and families of high income. The education gap can also be attributed to the poverty gap between developing and developed countries.

✧ For this challenge, we suggest a more active enforcement of Goal 4 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which includes the increase in supply of qualified teachers, including through international cooperation for teacher training in developing countries, especially least developed countries and small island developing states.

✧ For this challenge, we recommend globally expanding the number of scholarships available to people in developing countries for entry into high school education including vocational training, information and communication technology, engineering and science programs.


<Our Role for Peacebuilding>

✧ We, the young people commit, that we can start a club at school that focuses on discussions and activities related to peacebuilding. Through the club, we can promote the significance of peace.

✧ We, the young people commit, to interact with people of different backgrounds. Most importantly, we must develop some correct values by learning about documentaries, which present facts and lessons in history. Having correct values is the premise of peacebuilding.

✧ We, the young people, commit to being able to join current peacebuilding organizations and do our part, since the more people working on the project, the better prospect it has in succeeding to spread the message.


<The Role of Hiroshima for Peacebuilding>

✧ We believe that Hiroshima can be a symbol of world peace. It has the Atomic Bomb Dome and Peace Museum, so Hiroshima has a power that cannot be created anywhere else. In particular, the people of Hiroshima strongly desire peace, and the city as a whole is suitable as a symbol of peace.

✧ We believe that Hiroshima should hold more fund-raising campaigns. To solve this, Hiroshima should donate money for relief supplies and buy educational materials for poor families around the world. Also, Hiroshima should donate money for medical equipment and materials because there are many people in the world who can’t receive adequate medical care as a result of medical equipment shortage during the pandemic. Hiroshima can also fund the radiology and radioactive sickness fields since Hiroshima has experience in the field.

✧ We expect Hiroshima to continue to argue that we should discuss that military force not be used. There are various ways to do this, but we think one such approach is continuing to hold the Peace Memorial Ceremony and appeal for the Hiroshima Declaration. By having such opportunities to think about peace on a regular basis and disseminating it to the world, the world will be able to realize the foolishness of using military force.




All the participants have come together and made the Hiroshima Declaration. But we cannot stop ourselves here. We pledge to put the action plan into practice. We are also determined to keep learning and expand the network of like-minded people through dialogue. When we interact with people, we promise to be sensitive to diversity and respectful of each other, as we have been in our dialogue with the participants of this forum.

We understand that the world faces many challenges and difficulties each of which requires concrete and concerted action. With the support of the people of Hiroshima and the friends we have made at this forum, we are standing at the starting line full of enthusiasm. We are keenly aware of our power and responsibility, and hereby declare our determination to live up to the Hiroshima Declaration.


August 20, 2022

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