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EAML Engineering Co., Ltd.

New energy for a new age

Water turbine for display

EAML Engineering Co., Ltd. provides all-inclusive services from design to repair of hydroelectric power plants with its proven technology. The number of water turbines sold reached 248 as of March 31, 2018. The company, categorized as a small- or medium-sized enterprise, has developed into a branded manufacturer of hydroelectric power equipment in Western Japan. Furthermore, the company has been conducting joint research with universities and has established a hydraulic laboratory as part of its efforts to improve energy efficiency, with the aim of advancing to Eastern Japan as well as to overseas markets, eventually becoming the top manufacturer in the small- and medium-sized hydroelectric power market. The company places particular emphasis on environmentally friendly renewable energy. Relevant projects include the installation of a solar power generation system on the roof of the plant and the use of motorized water turbines, which have successfully achieved oil-free operation. The company also provides classes on renewable energy at elementary and junior-high schools, and takes various other approaches to promoting the use of renewable energy.

SDG-oriented features

The hydroelectric power generation business directly contributes to achieving Goal 7 of the SDGs. Depending on how the company develops and expands its business, it would be possible to play a leading role in creating a sustainable society in the world.

EAML Engineering Co., Ltd.

Address: 10852-1 Hara, Hachihonmatsu-cho, Higashi-Hiroshima City



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