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TROMSO Co., Ltd.

Use of chaff to form an eco-friendly network

Grind Mill

Do you know how much rice husk is disposed of as waste? The annual amount of rice husk waste in Japan is 2.5 million tons, while that worldwide is 100 million tons. TROMSO has invented the “Grind Mill,” a machine to produce a solid fuel named “Momigalite” from rice husk. Momigalite can be used as an energy source. The company is marketing Grind Mill not only in Japan but also abroad.

Grind Mill, which applies shipbuilding technology, grinds hard rice husk, followed by a compressing and heating process, to manufacture Momigalite. It is used as an energy source in place of wood and charcoal, contributing to the prevention of deforestation. In many African nations, such as Tanzania, about 90% of households use wood and charcoal, causing serious concern over forest decline. In these rice-producing countries, the use of Grind Mill to produce Momigalite might be effective in addressing deforestation issues. The company is working on increasing the performance of the machine and reducing the cost so that Grind Mill can be used in as many countries as possible.

SDG-oriented features

TROMSO has invented a machine to manufacture a solid fuel (brand name: Momigalite) from rice husk. As a result, unused rice husk can be turned into fuel that can be used in place of wood and charcoal. Momigalite, which is produced by Grind Mill,is effective in preventing deforestation. I therefore consider the company’s effort to be effective in achieving Goal 15 of the SDGs.

TROMSO Co., Ltd.

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