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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Builx Inc.

Fusing Welfare and Town Economy through Integrated Building Management

The Uzushio Kaikan Hall serves as a community center where local people gather.

Builx Inc. is mainly engaged in the building maintenance business, including facility and equipment maintenance, cleaning, and environmental hygiene, to ensure that people can use a building safely and comfortably.
Many of the maintenance jobs of the company are suitable for seniors or people with disabilities. Therefore, the company actively hires such people, including those who have retired from other companies. It also provides employee education and values the connection between employees working at various workplaces to build a comfortable working environment.
Daily maintenance, management, and inspection of facilities contribute to increasing the asset value and reducing the life cycle costs of a building. Deficiencies or disorders can be detected early, which reduces the cost of repairs and extend the life of the building. The company also provides maintenance services to public facilities, including the Irifuneyama Memorial Museum and the Yamato Museum. Its work to protect the hometown’s history and culture nurtures employees’ pride in their work and attachment to the community.
The company will continue to create working conditions in which seniors and people with disabilities can work happily and help the development of the City of Kure, where people want to live for a long time.

SDG-oriented features

In the facility management of Cottage Kajigahama, located on Shimokamagari Island along the Tobishima Kaido, the company hires local people and also engages in the cleaning of the sandy beach in cooperation with the local town development council. At the Uzushio Kaikan Hall in Ondo, for which the company provides facility management services, the company holds a “sing-along” event every month. Many aged people from inside and outside the town come to the hall to enjoy the singing event. The company is taking part in creating a community center and solving community problems, going beyond the scope of its designated management services.

Builx Inc.
1-8-49 Aga Minami, Kure City

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