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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Chugei Co., Ltd.

Building Maintenance for Building a Town with No Negatives

A trainee is cleaning carpets at the Shobara City Office.

Chugei Co., Ltd. contributes to town development by its customer-oriented cleaning and management service, environmental hygiene and management service, and facility management service for various buildings in the cities of Shobara, Miyoshi, and Hiroshima. The cleaning and management service provides daily cleaning and carpet cleaning of buildings. The environmental hygiene and management service conducts measurement of the air environment in buildings and cleans water tanks. The company also accepts and trains foreign trainees, helping them in acquiring qualifications, with the cooperation of people in the community and its customers.
The Company is also providing the service of disposing of belongings of deceased house owners or garbage in abandoned houses to meet the needs to cope with the problem of increasing abandoned houses in recent years. Through its diverse cleaning services, Chugei is striving to help town development, in line with its corporate philosophy of “Be Sunny and Active.” It will continue to focus on creating unique new value for society and maintain and manage what is presently maintained.

SDG-oriented features

There are various kinds of buildings in the world. We are using city halls, hospitals, hotels, schools, and other public buildings casually. Because they are properly cleaned and managed, we can use these buildings safely and comfortably with no worries. By maintaining the safety and hygiene of buildings so that people can drink safe water and stay in the building with no worries, the company helps to make our towns prosperous and sustainable.

Chugei Co., Ltd.
1-3-31 Naka Honmachi, Shobara City

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