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Creating Satoumi with Citizens


Elementary school students making fish beds with timber from thinning

Based on the principle of “To protect all lives,” the Hiroshima Environment and Health Association has been working on the promotion of health and the creation of a livable environment. “All lives” include the lives of people, animals and plants on earth.
As part of its efforts to create a livable environment, the association promotes an initiative to improve the environment of the Seto Inland Sea. With the purpose to enhance citizens’ awareness of conserving the rich ecosystem there, the public participatory “Hands-on Learning Program for Creating Satoumi and Satoyama” was implemented. Through this one-year program containing seven events, children and their parents experienced various activities, such as collection and observation of marine creatures and construction of fish beds using timber from thinning. This program provided opportunities for young people to learn and think about environmental conservation and management of satoumi and satoyama (human-influenced seas/mountains). Initiatives related to satoumi creation similar to this have been continuously implemented in Higashihiroshima City. The association also conducts commissioned research on seaweed forests and regeneration of tidal flats. By releasing the results in the form of theses and academic presentations, the association is working to support creation of rich satoumi and satoyama nationwide.

SDG-oriented features

Through events for children and parents, young people enjoy opportunities to learn and think about the environment, which is an advantage of this program. Another feature of this program is that, through the one-year hands-on activities, participants can observe the environmental changes and results themselves.

Hiroshima Environment and Health Association
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