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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Participating students’ comments

Not only SDG-related initiatives by companies but also a single action of mine can lead to the solution of social challenges. This is what I learned from the company representatives I interviewed. I hope that this booklet will provide many people in Hiroshima with opportunities to learn about the SDGs.
(Ms. Kana Yamaji, Yasuda Women’s University)



Through this project, I have come to foresee a future where many companies utilize SDG-related initiatives for their own growth. I believe that the SDGs are a concept that includes activities for society as well as for corporate growth. I am truly pleased to be part of the editorial team of this booklet.
(Ms. Miku Kifune, Yasuda Women’s University)


I have been interested in the SDGs, so I decided to take part in this project. I was in charge of Sekisui House, Ltd. When I started writing the article to introduce its initiatives, I had difficulty in selecting the best expression to fully convey the company’s passion. I am glad we successfully finished the project.
(Ms. Maino Mukai, Hiroshima University)

I did not know about the SDGs before this project; this was the first opportunity for me to study the SDGs. Since quite a few people do not know about the SDGs, even the employees at the companies undertaking SDG-related initiatives are not aware of the excellence of their activities.
When the SDGs are more widely known, companies’ involvement level in the SDGs may serve as a measure for students seeking jobs. Poverty and environmental issues will be resolved, and better businesses and a better Japan will be created.
I hope that, through this project, students and working adults will be conscious of social problems and learn that small actions will lead to the achievement of the SDGs. I am proud of being a part of this project and offer this booklet with confidence.
(Ms. Ayano Osumi, Yasuda Women’s University)

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