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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Nihon Parkerizing Hiroshima Works Co., Ltd.

Extend Japanese Technologies to the World

Enthusiastic trainees visiting a plant to learn about sign production

You see many road signs everyday casually. These signs show important information for traffic safety. They use materials and creativity that ensure visibility at nighttime, let alone daytime. The high-quality Japanese technologies in this field have been highly recognized in the world.

Nihon Parkerizing Hiroshima Works Co., Ltd. accepts JICA trainees from developing countries to help them to learn Japanese road sign technology and systems and use them for traffic safety in their country. The training focuses on visits to the sign production sites. The training includes making miniature (A4 size) signs using actual materials. This training gives them a knowledge foundation on which they can design traffic signs that meet the requirements in their own countries and contributes to the reduction of traffic accidents in their countries and the world.


SDG-oriented features

In developing countries, the demand for automobile transportation is increasing due to rapid economic development. However, they don’t have know-how on road maintenance to satisfy these demands. This initiative has the advantage that we can spread high-quality Japanese technologies directly to the world. To help with the sustainable development of trainees’ countries, the purpose of this initiative is not just to teach how to use the technology but help them to be able to apply the acquired knowledge to effective and efficient road development in their countries.

Nihon Parkerizing Hiroshima Works Co., Ltd.
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