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Hiroshima for Global Peace

After the interviews Their feedback

We asked for their feedback on participating in the project, changes they felt between before and after the project, and their aspirations for the future.

Thank you very much for interviewing us. I first came to know about the SDGs when I saw the badge. I thought, “Is this about some campaign?” And later I learned about it in the news. My current knowledge has not improved much. But the talk with the students made me think that my work was actually relevant to the SDGs. When the bubble economy burst, we laid some people off. From this tough experience, I made a decision. “I will never let the company go bankrupt.” In the past, lifetime employment was guaranteed at most companies. I know there are arguments about this, but I think this was the basis of a sustainable society. Systems of the Showa Era changed in the Heisei Era, and now in the Reiwa Era, systems based on the SDGs are being established. I think these systems can be established by studying the past.

Shigetomi-saketen Inc.  Director:SHIGETOMI Yutaka

This was our second time to participate in this project. In the first year, I focused only on deepening my understanding of the SDGs. But now, I have become able to explain to people inside and outside the company how our business activities lead to social contribution, and of what kind. The internal SDG promotion project launched just last year has been gradually bearing fruit, and I feel that the employees’ awareness of the SDGs has also been raised. Now, when we plan a new project, members consider how they can contribute to society and identify the relevant SDG targets. By doing so, we can have pride in and a sense of responsibility for our company. In the future, I think it is important for companies and government authorities to cooperate in working on the SDGs.

Manac Incorporated. Planning Strategies Office, Planning Management Division Chief :Huang Peiyu

Manac Incorporated. Planning Strategies Office, Planning Management Division: MORIOKA Shunya

I remember when we were requested to participate in the project, I was very surprised and thought “Why us?” As for the SDGs, our voluntary members began to hold study meetings on them last year. But we still do not have much knowledge and had to think which of the 17 SDGs applied to our businesses and initiatives. But after being interviewed by the students, I was surprised to know that the online shop that we had hastily opened to deliver to many people the products carefully made by the producers somewhat contributed to the SDGs. I was also reminded that our role was to cooperate with local communities and producers. Finally, I sincerely hope that this project will attract the interest of many people and grow further.

Sera Town Sightseeing Association General Manager: NISHIHARA Atsushi

There are still many problems with school education. To many people, school education means just covering the contents of textbooks and workbooks. At the same time, education should not only focus on the SDGs. If each individual learns to live a comfortable life, that is naturally relevant to the SDGs. I hope Toitate Labo can give hints to seeking such form of education and continuing to learn.

Toitate Labo (TTL) Representative: YAMASAKI Yusuke

It was a good opportunity to know the hardships they faced, as well as their passion for work and initiatives for the SDGs. I thought that small and medium-sized companies were more capable of launching businesses that were relevant to both the local residents and the companies according to the situation than large companies. I realized that there were actions that individuals could take toward the SDGs. By providing knowhow broadly with this booklet, I think we can heighten the momentum for the SDGs from Hiroshima. Moreover, we had meetings and discussions many times to prepare for the interviews and confirm the processes. These processes gave me great confidence. Based on this experience, I will tackle other challenges. Thank you all!

2nd grade student of Yasuda Women’s University: ISHIZU Koyuki

I visited Toitate Labo and the Hiroshima Restaurants Mirai Ticket Group. Both respected ties among people. Now it is difficult to connect to other people due to the novel coronavirus, but they were working in new ways using SNS and video calls. I myself also want to be a business person who has broad ties with many people and can act flexibly. At first, I was not very interested in the SDGs, and they seemed far removed from me. But I learned through this project that efforts to achieve the SDGs were being made in my local town. I could learn many things, and I am glad that I joined the project.

2nd grade student of Yasuda Women’s University: NAKAGAWA Rika

After participating in this project, my understanding of the SDGs was deepened. But the biggest benefit was that I was able to meet many people. Members of the EPO Chugoku, representatives of companies, and other university students who shared the same task with me… It is difficult to achieve a target if we act alone. But we can do anything if we act together! I thought that it was important to continue to act rather than to continue to think. So I will take actions using what I have learned and the ties I obtained through this project. Specifically, I will communicate the SDGs from the perspective of a university student, and expand the existing network to create a society where no one, including those who around me, will be left behind.

3rd grade student of Yasuda Women’s University: OKIMOTO Haruka

I participated in this project because I was interested in the SDGs. Through this project, I was able to know about not only the SDGs but also various aspects of Hiroshima that I did not previously know. Because I had had no experience of this kind, all the processes from preparation to editing were new and very difficult to me. But having talked with representatives of companies and knowing their passion and aspiration for the SDGs and Hiroshima, I was determined to compile their talks properly. I hope my writing, though not very sophisticated, can convey their passion to the readers. I really enjoyed making the booklet, even though the time passed very fast. Thank you very much for the precious experience.

2nd grade student of Yasuda Women’s University: MURASHIGE Haruka

Through participating in this project, I learned that flexibility is important. Despite various impacts of COVID-19, such as a decline in sales, many companies tried doing what they could, taking advantage of the current situation. And the representatives of the companies I interviewed also said that they took the current situation positively as an advantage. I was impressed by such a viewpoint. I will start job-hunting next year. I have become pessimistic because I’ve heard that the employment situation will be severer next year than this year. However, I will do my best based on my experience of this project.

3rd grade student of Fukuyama University: KIMURA Moe

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