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Hiroshima for Global Peace

The Hibaku-Piano, playing the sound of hope



The few pianos that miraculously survived the atomic bombing of Hiroshima are called “Hibaku-Piano”. Today, by playing the sounds of these pianos all over Japan and abroad, it appeals to people how important peace is.



After surviving the devastation of the atomic bombing, it still makes a beautiful sound.


Even after the bombing, the sound never changes


As its name is, “The Hibaku-Piano” that survived the bombing, was revealed its existence when it was brought into YAGAWA Mitsunori’s (a second-generation A-bomb survivor himself) Piano studio. He is a piano tuner, and the original owner had thought it could be used for something. Although it had some damage from the blast and scratches from glass, the beautiful sounds could be restored by tuning it. The strong sounds came back to life again.



A performance of the Hibaku-Piano by Peace Hiroshima


Concerts with Hibaku-Piano have been held around Japan



The “Hibaku-Piano” was played at the first concert on August 6, 2001. The piano has now been played at concerts around Japan, as many as 150 times a year. TAKEMOTO Munefumi, the executive secretary of Peace Hiroshima, who supports the activities, said “Music is not a matter of skin color, eye color or religion. It is a common language of the world. I hope the sound of the Hibaku-Piano will appeal for peace.” He has been traveling around Japan and the Hibaku-Piano concert was also held in New York. People hearing the sound of the Hibaku-Piano said, “This piano seems to have a message in it. I felt that this is what the sound of peace is like.”



Six Hibaku-Pianos that were entrusted to Peace Hiroshima.


The Hibaku-Piano in New York (top) Kazuko’s piano (bottom)


The Yagawa Piano Studio owns six Hibaku-Pianos, five of which can be used for concerts. Misako’s Piano, which was exposed to the bombing at a house located 1.8 km from the hypocenter, “The Piano that Went to New York” that was played in New York in 2010 and “Kazuko’s Piano” which was exposed to the atomic bombing with its owner Kazuko.The Hibaku-pianos have their own stories to tell, and the stories are delivered to people along with the sounds of them. Seventy-five years have passed since the atomic bombing, and the number of A-bomb survivors has been decreasing, but we believe that the sound of the Hibaku-Piano could be a message to the next generation. Mr.Yagawa and Peace Hiroshima continue with this movement, believing that the sound of the Hibaku-piano will deliver a message.



A film created with Mr.Yagawa as a model “Mother’s Hibaku-Piano”

Leading Actors: SANO Shiro, MUTO Tomu Director: GOTO Toshihiro
©The film “Hibaku-Piano” Production Committee



In July 2020, the film “Mother’s Hibaku-Piano” will be shown on July 17 at Hatchoza in Naka Ward, Hiroshima, for the first time in Japan. The film tells the story of Mr.Yagawa’s encounter with the Hibaku-Piano, his wish for peace, and his activities of Peace Hiroshima are depicted. The catasrtophe of the atomic bombing and the preciousness of peace are emphasized throughout the film.



Peace from Hiroshima to the world through the Hibaku-Piano



Peace Hiroshima takes a peace initiative featuring an Hibaku-Piano and the hope of sowing the seeds of peace through music from Hiroshima. They are always accepting applications for concerts. Concerts for school trips are also available on their website. “We can’t change the past, but we can change the future,” says Mr. Takemoto. The Hibaku-Piano is playing the sound of hope somewhere today.



Peace Hiroshima

Contact: +81 (0)80-4264-9134 (Mr. Takemoto)



【Introduction of Initiatives by Hirohsima Prefecture】

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