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Hiroshima for Global Peace

2019 World Business Conference for World PeaceDay 1 Report: 2019 World Business Conference for World Peace (October 23)

Opening Greetings by YUZAKI Hidehiko, Governor of Hiroshima Prefecture

Keynote Speecy by Tilman RUFF

Special Session: Growth, Index, and Peace

While referring to the new economy index Positive Economy Index, designed to contribute to creating a sustainable society based on altruism, we discussed basic conditions for peace in society today and how to transform such conditions into indexes.

Session 1: Cultural Exchange Programs and Peace

While discussing both effects and challenges of a wide variety of cultural exchange programs in terms of their contribution to establishing peace, we introduced efforts made by companies to contribute to mutual understanding and cultural exchange through their operations.

Session 2: Sustaining Governance through Infosphere Security

We discussed possible alliance forms between mass media, online media, and related industries to ensure national governance, especially a sustainable continuation of a free, democratic society.

Session 3: Contributions to Peace through Disaster Prevention / Emergency Assistance and Global Health in Asia

We discussed ideal leadership to be displayed by Japan in fields where the country can make considerable contributions. Specifically, we explored ideal public-private cooperation in the fields of humanitarian aid, disaster-relief efforts and international health; export of urban infrastructure featuring the additional function of collecting meteorological, oceanographic, and other natural data for the use for preventing and reducing disaster damage; and cooperation in the area of international health.

SDGs Business Contest “Hiroshima Peace Startup Award”

To encourage many more companies to engage in SDGs business, we held the SDGs business competition Hiroshima Peace Startup Award, thereby aiming to ensure that specific efforts to launch SDGs business start from Hiroshima.

Youth Conference: Young People’s Approach to Peace

Young people, who will underpin the next generation, explored measures to realize their ideals toward accomplishing peace based on their own experiences, engaged in discussion, and handed recommendations to the Governor.

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