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Hiroshima for Global Peace

2019 World Business Conference for World PeaceDay 2 Report: 2019 World Business Conference for World Peace (October 24)

Lecture by Jacques ATTALI

Session 4: Realization of Peace through Global Business Strategy

With concern about a global spread of the bloc economy, how can free trade and globalization, underpinned by open economy, contribute to realizing regional stability and world peace? We discussed the realization of world peace through business strategies.

Special Talk

– Hiroshima provides food for thoughts about peace. It is important to look at things from other people’s points of view.

– From the perspective of peace, accepting differences and respecting each other is important. Some people in Japan develop a dislike for others when they express opinions different from theirs, but respecting difference is important.

– At the Japan Fencing Federation, we strive to eliminate discrimination by gender, age, and disability, for example by organizing a SDGs-themed forum and providing the same amount of prize money for male and female players. In addition, we also work on environmental problems by doing what fencers can do, such as providing broken sabre blades for recycling and using EVs for transportation.


Concluding Panel Discussion

Positive Economy Forum

– ACT 1: Is it possible to eliminate wars? – In light of a wide variety of aspects of conflicts –

Are wars unavoidable? Alternatively, can humans eliminate wars? What is the best way to eliminate wars? Education, international dialogue, or social equality? We discussed which types of positive economy we should select in order to prevent the occurrence of conflicts in the future.

– ACT 2: International cooperation

International cooperation comes in a wide variety of forms, such as organizational, private-level, or humanitarian cooperation. International cooperation is always a means for realizing peace. Whether it is climate change, a nuclear weapon, or a strategic talk, nothing would work today without international cooperation. We discussed what should be done by states and leaders to support the promotion of international cooperation.

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