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Hiroshima for Global Peace

2019 World Business Conference for World Peace2019 World Business Conference for World Peace (Oct. 23- 24)

The Conference is held to connect business sectors and its people to peace. We will discuss the relation between business and building peace toward peaceful world without nuclear weapons.

Keynote speech by Tilman Ruff (Co-founder of ICAN) is held at AM of Oct-23 and Special Talk by OTA Yuki (Olympic Medalist of Fencing) is held at AM Oct-24. At PM of Oct 24, Positive Economy Forum is held for the first time in Japan. The forum is coming from France and organized by Positive Planet whose president is Jacques Attali.

Shall we discuss on peace through the business?

Date: October 23 (Wed) – 24 (Thu), 2019

Venue: International Conference Center Hiroshima (1-5 Nakajima-cho Naka-ku Hiroshima)

Theme: Solving Global Issues and Realizing World Peace through Business- SDGs as an Intersection of Peace and Business-

Free Entry/ Application in advance is necessary. (Please click here for the application. )

Organize by Hiroshima Peace Contribution Network

Program (Please click here for the detail.)

(DAY 1)


Keynote Speech: Tilman Ruff (Co-founder of ICAN)

Special Session: Growth, Index and Peace

Session 1: Cultural Exchange Programs and Peace

SDGs Select Booklet

Session 2: Sustaining Governance through Infosphere Security

Session 3: Contributions to Pece through Disaster Prevention/ Emergency Assistance and Global Health in Asia

(DAY 2)

Lecture: Jacques Attali

Session 4: Realization of Peace through Global Business Strategy

Special Talk: OTA Yuki (Olympic Medalist of Fencing)

Positive Economy Forum

Introduction: Every Kind of Diplomacy Can Serve Peace

ACT1: Can War Be Eradicated, Close Up On The Different Aspects Of Conflict

ACT2: International Cooperation

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