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Hiroshima for Global Peace

(Event Report) 2020 Hiroshima Business Forum for Global Peace

In this fifth session, “Positive Peace” and “SDGs” were the main topic of the conference.

 Four themes of discussions were held, via the online system, CISCO’s WebEx service.


Date and Time: August 8, 2020, 10:00-18:05

Main location: Hiroshima Prefectural Office (Panelists participated via web)

Organizer: Hiroshima Peace Promotion Network

Number of online participants: 761

Keynote Speech

Keynote Speech Lecture: KOBAYASHI Yoshimitsu, Director of the Board, Chairperson of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation

Speech themes:

“Management in Harmony with the Global Environment – How to Confront Uncertain Economic Uncertainty, What is Necessary to Increase Corporate Value? , What Values Should the Nation Pursue? – “

– COVID-19 revealed that Japanese society needs the spirit to launch “digital renaissance.” Online medical care and education must be promoted, and its resulting disparities must be righted.

– Greenhouse Gas Emissions;

The recent pandemic has led to a significant drop in global economic growth.

Although carbon dioxide emissions were also reduced in May of this year, the decline in economic growth cannot be allowed to continue at this rate. Given that emissions re-expanded after the Lehman shock, it may increase after economic activity returns. It won’t be easy to achieve the target of the average annual reduction of 6.4 percent by 2040.

As a countermeasure, it is necessary to consider not only reducing carbon dioxide emissions, but also solidifying the carbon dioxide that has been emitted. The research of the Carbon Recycling Demonstration Center in Osaki Kamijima, Hiroshima Prefecture is expected to contribute to further measures.

– Our Company(Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation) manages its business based on three axes: management that emphasizes capital efficiency, management that pursues innovation, and management that aims to improve sustainability. The aggregate of these three is our corporate value.

– The mission of our nation is to maximize the economic axis centered on GDP, the innovation axis centered on AI and biotechnology, and the sustainability axis for the next generation in terms of education, finance, and environmental energy.

Session 1

[Global economy and disparity issues during-COVID-19/post-COVID-19]

With the recent “COVID-19,” the importance of telework and technology-based work is being emphasized. There are disparities in income, health and safety, especially for jobs that can only be done hand-on, such as medical or nursing care. Now is the time for companies to focus on the reality of the situation at hand and conduct global economic activities.

NISHIMURA Yasutoshi, Minister of State for Economic and Fiscal Policy/ Minister in charge Economic Revitalization/ Minister in charge of the Trans-Pacific Partnership/ Minister in charge of Social Security Reform/ Minister in charge of Novel Coronavirus Disease Control:

The COVID-19 has hit on Japan’s weaknesses, particularly the lagging digitalization of the workforce and the problem of non-regular employment. From now on, we need to reform the way we work so that employees are evaluated on the basis of their performance, not their working hours.

Session 2

[Threats to peace from excessive industrialization/urbanization and climate changes, particularly with pandemic impact (during/post COVID-19)]

One of the 17 goals of the SDGs is to “take concrete actions on climate change.” The challenge is how to reconcile the proceeding global warming with the economic activities. We are moving away from the traditional approach of “efficiency by centralization” to “decentralization.”

KOIZUMI Shinjiro, Minister of the Environment (video message):

Peace is a state in which people live in a happy and stable status. This peace cannot be sustainable in an economic society that leaves the environmental problems behind.

Session 3

[The role of local governments in global society – Building peace through education and diplomacy (during/post COVID-19)]

The role of local governments is to contribute to international peace and international friendship through face-to-face diplomacy.

What is also required of local government is to make suitable decisions that adapt to the field and the site.

Special Session

[”Human Security” and “Peace x Business x SDGs” during-COVID-19/post-COVID-19]

We have come to an age in which the idea of security is for each individual’s welfare, not only as international relations by each state.

The same is true for economic activities: the idea that economic activities are simply conducted between nations on the basis of national borders is no longer the norm: a new system should be considered.

Concluding Panel Discussion: 2020 Hiroshima Declaration

In this year that Hiroshima marks the 75th anniversary of the atomic bombing, we reaffirmed the importance of the linkage between “economy and peace”, in light of living with COVID-19. We declare that we will take action to realize “positive peace,” a prerequisite for democratic and free business, with a view to the world in the next 25 years.

Specific actions

[From a perspective of “Global economy and disparity issues”]

We will strive to create an inclusive society and economy by incorporating the SDGs –   “reduction of inequalities” and “conservation of the natural environment,” into business management.

We will strive to ensure that SDG- and ESG-oriented companies are assessed appropriately by financial institutions and investors. We also will strive to further communicate with cunsoumers.

We will strive to enable SDG-oriented companies, financial institutiions, and investors to fulfill their objectives.

[From a perspective of “Threats to peace from excessive industrialization/urbanization and climate changes]

Businesspeople will strive to engage in forms of business management and financial activity that focus on appropriate ways to promote social transformation  while ensuring peace.

It will be essential to capitalize on large-scale innovation as well as new financial functions, both public and private to respond appropriately to climate change.

Businesspeople will aim to achieve their own goal as companies while striving to create a win-win situation for the whole of society.

[ From a perspective of “The role of local governments in global society”]

It is essential to develop globally-oriented businesspeople. More specifically, we should incorporate perspectives such as scientific literacy, involvement in the local community, eradication of prejudice, and alleviation of social inequality. We intend to support public and private education systems designed to develop such individuals.

We will fully aware of  the role of local  governments, which is closely related to civil society and the community, and contribute to the advancement of peace.

[From a perspective of  Human Security]

Our responses to unknown risks to humanity may lead to greater risks to peace. Recognizing this possibility, we will actively respond to such risks.

the URL link of the Hiroshima Declaration (available in Japanese)


All text of 2020 Hiroshima Declaration

Reflections on the Conference

The online system let us invite the ministers, major business leaders and researchers from Japan and abroad, to the conference under the COVID-19 Disaster. This is a new style of the conference, and could be an interesting and influential attempt.

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2020 Hiroshima Business Forum for Global Peace

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