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Hiroshima for Global Peace

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Your participation is necessary to change the world. Please sign up and follow the information from Hiroshima.


Think about peace Hiroshima as a starting point

The online learning program “Thinking about peace – Hiroshima as a starting point” is available to learn about international trends related to the realities of atomic bombing and nuclear weapons regardless of time and place, using the internet. Why don’t you think about peace?


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Hiroshima Peace Tourism

There are many peace-related facilities in Hiroshima, including the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. Please visit Hiroshima to see with your eyes how Hiroshima was reconstructed and learn about Hiroshima destroyed by an atomic bomb.

Hiroshima Peace Tourism


You can find the articles about cenotaphs and war ruins on Hiroshima for Global Peace.

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Recommended routes

1. Exploring Hibaku Buildings and the Legacy of Hiroshima


2. From the Ashes: A Look at Modern Hiroshima


Other tours and Experience


Introduce organizations engaged in the abolition of nuclear weapons and buildingpeace activities.

There are many organizations that are engaged in activities aimed at eliminating nuclear weapons and building peace. Let’s start with the activities that interest you?