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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Carrying the Landscape that Defines Peace Memorial City Hiroshima to the Next Generation

● The Many Roles of Peace Memorial Park

Construction of Peace Memorial Park was part of the newly established Hiroshima Peace Memorial City Construction Law in 1949. It was based on the design of Kenzō Tange and his team, the winners of the design competition for a peace memorial facility. Today, it is not only a place to console the souls of the victims of the atomic bombing, it is also a place to pray for the abolition of nuclear weapons and for lasting world peace, a place to convey the atrocities of the atomic bombing to the next generation, and a place to learn about, think about, and discuss peace.

●The View Along the North-South Line.

Placing the Peace Memorial Museum, Cenotaph for the A-Bomb Victims, and the Atomic Bomb Dome along an imaginary line running north and south, perpendicular to Peace Boulevard that runs east to west, was the pillar of the design for the competition. This view along the North-South Line received the following high praise when Peace Memorial Park was designated as a National Place of Scenic Beauty in February 2007: “The view from the central line that extends from Peace Boulevard through the pillars of the Peace Memorial Museum and the arch of the Cenotaph for the A-bomb Victims to the Atomic Bomb Dome faithfully expresses consolation for the souls of the victims and the will for lasting world peace. From Mr. Tange’s superior spatial design and composition, one can infer his idea to associate sight with the act of consoling the souls of those lost.”

●Protecting the View that Defines Peace Memorial City Hiroshima

The view along the North-South Line is an important one which must be passed down to the next generation as a view that defines Peace Memorial City Hiroshima. The City of Hiroshima has established the “Ideal View” for this line as one in which nothing, not even buildings, can be seen behind the Atomic Bomb Dome. Beginning January 4, 2022, the City revised its Landscape Plan to include initiatives to restrict building height, etc., to effectively preserve and shape the landscape of the area.

Our Ideal View(uses trees and plants to block some buildings from view)

To better promote these initiatives, the City of Hiroshima has created a new PR video, which can be seen below. Have a look to learn more!

●Carrying the Landscape to the Next Generation: the Line of Peace from the Cenotaph for A-bomb Victims to the Atomic Bomb Dome

For more information, please see the official website of the Urban Design Section, City Planning Division, Urban Development Bureau of the City of Hiroshima.

Revised Hiroshima City Landscape Plan (Japanese)

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