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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Messages from Celebrities

Romain Guélat (Film Director)

Romain Guélat (Film Director)

Bonjour, Hello, Konnichiwa. My name is Romain Guélat. I’m a documentary film maker of Switzerland I just released a documentary named “Dr. Junod, Warrior without Weapons”. Today, I would like to tell you to try not to be selfish. I think the world is selfish today. I think we belong to this world and you belong to this world and I belong to this world and there is only one. I recommend maybe sometimes you leave this little thing (your smartphone) for a while and if you can get involved in anything about peace and about stopping nuclear weapon. It could be a great idea. If you want, help me, we love to try to make a peace film festival here in Hiroshima. We will need volunteers. If you want to help me, help me!

Romain Guélat

Film Director

* Text is transcribed from the video.