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Hiroshima for Global Peace


Since the atomic bomb was dropped, school education in Hiroshima has been restored step by step with the support of the local community, centering on the surviving teachers and children. Soon after the end of the war, schools and local communities worked together to rebuild school buildings and purchase school supplies in order to improve the educational environment amidst a shortage of food in devastated Hiroshima. After that, as life gradually improved, the improvement of the quality of education was set as a target. Teachers conducted practical research on important issues and worked toward Class Research in which they presented their findings. In addition, local communities, including the PTA, worked hard to support such efforts. In this way, as schools became the centers of the local community, community development in which the schools served as the core progressed. In other words, schools have played a role as a beachhead not only for education reconstruction but also for the reconstruction of local communities.

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