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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Future Leaders’ Program for Global Peace

What is the Future Leaders’ Program for Global Peace?

One of the initiatives in the Hiroshima for Global Peace Plan, this program helps high school students take the first step towards building their future, and becoming individuals who will aspire for global peace and can operate on an international level, by learning English, and basic international relations such as nuclear disarmament and conflict resolution.

Training Contents

Training in Hiroshima

【Learning about Global Peace】
Deepen understanding of international topics through learning about present trends in nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation, and understand the destruction of Hiroshima by the A-bomb, and its reconstruction afterwards. Also learn about the political, economic and societal frameworks etc. to advance reconstructions and peacebuilding.


【English Practice】
Improve English skills through speech and discussion as well as vocabulary practice, with the themes of the UN Charter, historically significant speeches, and international issues related to peace (nuclear weapons, non-proliferation etc.)


Special Training

【Participate in the Hiroshima Junior International Forum】
Discuss global peace with international high school students etc., and send a message for the realization of a peaceful world free of nuclear weapons.


Outside prefecture training

【2 nights and 3 days training in Nagasaki City】

Visit Nagasaki City and conduct peace studies .

*Send a few students as representatives.

Overseas training

【5 nights and 6 days training near Manila, Philippines】

●Visit practitioners and activity sites in peacebuilding and international cooperation.

●Interact with local high school students and exchange opinions on international peace and international issues.


Debriefing Session

●Create and present on the results of the training in English
●Confer the certificate of completion

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