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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Session2 Summary

Human resources development to secure innovation-based economic growth and employment in the midst of global economic instability ”

● The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the livelihoods of disadvantaged people, deepening the gap between rich and poor and the social divide. In addition, the abnormally inflated prices resulting from Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and other factors have raised concerns about the instability of the global economy.

● What kind of efforts in human resources development and recruitment will be required of businesses to ensure that the so-called “COVID-19/Ukraine crisis generation” does not become a lost generation and that socioeconomic stability is achieved by “rebuilding a thick middle class,” which is the government’s goal?

● In addition, what kind of policies for human resources development and employment will be required of businesses to shift to aggressive economic growth, not just to protect existing jobs? What is required today with regard to pay raises, relearning, reskilling and other issues, as new innovation areas that solve social challenges, such as Society 5.0 and carbon neutrality, are expected to expand, and as work-style reforms and the transfer of jobs to new industries are called for? ”Investment in people” is also one of the four priority areas in the government’s Basic Policy for the current fiscal year. We will discuss the efforts to be undertaken by businesses and how public-private partnerships can be developed.