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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Abbreviation (A-L)

ABACC  Brazilian-Argentine Agency for Accounting and Control of Nuclear Materials

ACA  Arms Control Association

AEOI  Iranian Atomic Energy Agency

AG  Australia Group

ALCM  Air-Launched Cruise Missile

AP  Additional Protocol

BMD  Ballistic Missile Defense

CBM  Confidence-Building Measure

CCND  Creating the Conditions for Nuclear Disarmament CD Conference on Disarmament

CEND   Creating an Environment for Nuclear Disarmament CEWG CEND Working Group

CMX   Collabotative Material Exercise

COE   Center of Excellence

CPPNM   Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material

CSA   Comprehensive Safeguard Agreement

CTBT   Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty

CTBTO   CTBT Organization

DBT   Design Basis Threat

DCA   Dual-Capable Aircraft

DPRK   Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

DSRS   Disused Sealed Radioactive Sources

EC   European Commission

EU   European Union

EURATOM   European Atomic Energy Community

FFVD   Final, Fully Verified Denuclearization

FMCT   Fissile Material Cut-Off Treaty

GBSD   Ground-Based Strategic Deterrent

GGE   Group of Governmental Experts

GICNT   Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism

GLCM   Ground-Launched Cruise Missile

GTRI   Global Threat Reduction Initiative

HEU   Highly Enriched Uranium

JAEC   Japan Atomic Energy Commission

IAEA   International Atomic Energy Agency

ICAN   International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons

ICBM   Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile

ICONS   International Conference on Nuclear Security

ICTP   International Centre for Theoretical Physics

IMS   International Monitoring System

INF   Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces

INSAG   International Nuclear Safety Group

INSEN   International Nuclear Security Education Network

INSServ   International Nuclear Security Advisory Service

INSSP   Integrated Nuclear Security Support Plan

INSTEX   Instrument in Support of Trade Exchanges

INTERPOL   International Criminal Police Organization

IPFM   International Panel on Fissile Materials

IPNDV   International Partnership for Nuclear Disarmament Verification

IPPAS   International Physical Protection Advisory Service

IRBM   Intermediate-Range Ballistic Missile

ISCN   Integrated Support Center for Nuclear Nonproliferation and Nuclear Security

ITDB   Incident and Trafficking Database

ITWG   Nuclear Forensics International Technical Working Group

IUEC   International Uranium Enrichment Centre

JAEA   Japan Atomic Energy Agency

JCPOA   Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action

KCNA   Korean Central News Agency

LEU   Low Enriched Uranium

LOW   Launch on Warning

LRSO   Long Range Stand-Off Weapon

LUA   Launch under Attack

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