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Hiroshima for Global Peace

25. Nigeria ■Non-Nuclear-Weapon State

Nuclear Disarmament 26.5 Points Full Points 42 63.1%
Change compared to the Hiroshima Report 2020: +4.5
Nigeria voted for most of the UNGA Resolutions regarding nuclear disarmament. It has already ratified the TPNW. Nigeria participates in the IPNDV. It expressed the sense of urgency regarding standstill and deterioration of nuclear disarmament on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the entry into force of the NPT. It is one of the members of the “De-alerting Group,” which actively proposes that alert levels be reduced.
Nuclear Non-Proliferation 45 Points Full Points 61 73.8%
Change compared to the Hiroshima Report 2020: 0
Nigeria is a state party to the Africa Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone Treaty. It acceded to the IAEA Additional Protocol, but a broader conclusion has not been drawn yet. Its implementations on export controls and nuclear security-related measures are not necessarily adequate.
Nuclear Security 31 Points Full Points 41 75.6%
Change compared to the Hiroshima Report 2020: +1
Nigeria has ratified all conventions relevant to nuclear security, completed the removal of HEU, and is working to prevent illicit trafficking. It also has been working to strengthen nuclear security measures in a positive attitude, including capacity building through participation in Nuclear Security Support Center and INSEN.
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