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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Hiroshima Declaration/ Group I


We, the 57 participants of the 7th Hiroshima Junior International Forum, held during August 16th and 20th 2022, gathered online from 12 countries to learn about and discuss the abolition of nuclear weapons and peacebuilding.

We, the younger generation, understand that billions of people around the world are frightened by the risk of nuclear weapons being used in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. We also understand that not only in Ukraine but also around the world, there are millions of people whose lives and safety are threatened by armed conflicts. The issues of abolition of nuclear weapons and peacebuilding are just as important as ever.

We have a responsibility to free people from the threat of nuclear weapons and to restore dignity to people in conflict zones. In order to take action on nuclear abolition and peacebuilding, we, the youth of today, need to acquire expertise and build a network of like-minded peers. With the strong will of the people of Hiroshima, at this forum we had a chance to listen to the testimony of hibakusha and lecture of experts as well as discussing the challenges and solutions for abolition of nuclear weapons and peacebuilding.

The Hiroshima Declaration is the final output of all that we have learned and discussed over these 5 days. The Hiroshima Declaration is an action plan for ourselves and a proposal for like-minded people around the world.


<Challenges and Solutions for Abolition of Nuclear Weapons>

✧ Toward nuclear weapons abolition, we recognize that many countries are refusing to support nuclear abolition treaties such as the TPNW as per rules and requirements, as they would have to give up the leverage which is provided by the possession of nuclear weapons and the possibility of implementing nuclear deterrence.

⮚ For this challenge, we suggest furthering the nuclear taboo movement and eliminating nationalism so that every country can be fully aware of the importance of abolishing nuclear weapons and will cooperate in developing and drawing up a new treaty that is agreed upon by each state.

✧ Toward nuclear weapons abolition, we recognize the abundance of fuel such as HEU (High Enriched Uranium) and plutonium, which can be used to create nuclear weapons, are not only dangerous in themselves but also pose a larger danger due to the risk of nuclear terrorism.

⮚ For this challenge, we recommend enhancing security systems in the current nuclear weapons and nuclear energy generation sites, and to develop a treaty or law which does not allow HEU to be used in any operations and reduces the use of plutonium to only nuclear energy generation.

✧ Towards nuclear weapons abolition, we recognize that nuclear warfare may occur as a result of nuclear-armed states being isolated from the international societies and economies.

⮚ For this challenge, we recommend peaceful negotiation to be implemented in any political meeting so that nuclear armed states will not feel the need to threaten nuclear warfare, which will allow them to reintegrate into international communities by committing to the application of nuclear disarmament.


<Our Role for Abolition of Nuclear Weapons>

✧ We, the young people, commit to joining and creating organizations for peace and nuclear weapons abolition while actively participating in forums, summits, and protests so that we can deepen our awareness and understanding of nuclear weapons abolition.

✧ We, the young people, commit to collecting and spreading testimonies from hibakusha for both our generation and younger generations to learn, understand, and engage in discussions regarding the tragedy which occurs due to atomic bombing, and be reminded of the past so that it is not repeated.

✧ We, also, commit to spreading awareness about the fact that nuclear weapons are a worldwide problem through utilizing new technology and social media platforms to pressure governments to take action for nuclear abolition and disarmament.

✧ Finally, in hindsight of the gradual drop in numbers of Hibakusha, we, the young people, commit to developing education through activities such as creating an event or product related to peace, which will allow for new and unique methods of engaging youth in understanding and advocating nuclear weapons abolition.


<The Role of Hiroshima for Abolition of Nuclear Weapons>

✧ We believe that Hiroshima can invite celebrities, nuclear-armed states’ representatives and persuade more citizens to visit the Peace Memorial Museum and Park. Additionally, Hiroshima can expand memorials of the Atomic Bombing to many different regions in the nation so that we can spread awareness of the devastating impacts of using nuclear weapons globally.

✧ We believe that Hiroshima should engage more in spreading information about nuclear taboo such as appealing the long-term health impacts of atomic bomb survivors with scientific evidence.

✧ We expect Hiroshima to become a pioneer in making the public aware of wars and the abolition of nuclear weapons by promoting the “Don’t Bank On the Bomb” campaign and collaborating with organizations such as ICAN.

✧ We believe that Hiroshima can actively support nuclear abolition and disarmament treaties such as the NPT and TPNW, and utilize its connections and authority as a prefectural government to urge nuclear armed states to do the same.


<Challenges and Solutions for Peacebuilding>

✧ Towards peacebuilding, we recognize that countries are prioritizing their sovereignty on a military, economic, and political level, instead of committing themselves to work towards a greater good alongside other countries.

⮚ For this challenge, we suggest there be a platform in which state representatives, political leaders, and civil organizations can discuss their stance on any political topic in an informal setting no less than three times prior to the annual UN General Assembly meeting. This will strengthen relationships between states and organizations, and will promote peaceful negotiation and communication.

✧ Towards peacebuilding, we recognize that despite many countries having prevalent issues and dissatisfaction from citizens, leaders tend to ignore and attempt to shift attention from these issues by starting conflicts, which leads to poor relations with other governments.

⮚ For this challenge, we suggest trying to eliminate dictatorships and respecting minorities, so that people would not be provoked to start wars for independence or as a distraction from their country’s issues.

✧ Towards peacebuilding, we recognize that various forms of violence persist in society, which causes exploitation and marginalization, and prevents certain groups from receiving peace education.

⮚ For this challenge, we recommend reducing the amount of social disparities and divisions through strengthening education systems and developing protected classes so that everyone can receive their right to quality education.


<Our Role for Peacebuilding>

✧ We, the young people, commit to creating a forum where diverse participants can tackle difficult world-wide issues through discussions and negotiations while developing mutual understanding and collaboration skills under a new education method which values voicing opinions and diversity.

✧ We, the young people, commit to inheriting the negative implications of historical events and to engage youth in peace activities through disseminating information on world affairs using various social media platforms.


<The Role of Hiroshima for Peacebuilding>

✧ We believe that Hiroshima can demonstrate its peacebuilding and construction laws and declarations to other countries and inspire them to choose peace instead of retaliation.

✧ We believe that Hiroshima should utilize its platform as a prefectural government to promote peace education to the general public through emphasizing the devastating historical conflicts and implications during different peacebuilding programs and events.

✧ We expect Hiroshima to support peace activists and NPO operations from a financial aspect by providing subsidies or putting advertisements on the government homepage due to volunteer shortages and financial difficulties faced by these organizations and individuals.



All the participants have come together and made the Hiroshima Declaration. But we cannot stop ourselves here. We pledge to put the action plan into practice. We are also determined to keep learning and expand the network of like-minded people through dialogue. When we interact with people, we promise to be sensitive to diversity and respectful of each other, as we have been in our dialogue with the participants of this forum.

We understand that the world faces many challenges and difficulties each of which requires concrete and concerted action. With the support of the people of Hiroshima and the friends we have made at this forum, we are standing at the starting line full of enthusiasm. We are keenly aware of our power and responsibility, and hereby declare our determination to live up to the Hiroshima Declaration.


August 20, 2022

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