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Hiroshima for Global Peace

2016WBCWP2016 World Business Conference for World Peace

 Over a period of two days, Friday the 14th and Saturday the 15th of October 2016, the World Business Conference for World Peace took place in Hiroshima. Prof. Philip Kotler, hailed as “the father of modern marketing,” and other experts from Japan and around the world active on the global stage gathered in this “international city of peace” to discuss the intersection of business and the pursuit of peace from a multitude of perspectives. Participants also explored ways to evoke effective communications and stir public opinion toward achieving a world at peace and free of nuclear weapons.


Philip Kotler
American economist and marketing consultant. S.C.Johnson & Son Distinguished Professor of International Marketing, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University. Recognized as the world’s foremost expert in modern marketing, Prof. Kotler is the author of numerous books; many translated into Japanese and published in Japan, alongside with commentaries on his books.

Introduction video


【Day 1 Friday, October 14】

◆ Opening ceremony
・Greetings Governor Yuzaki


・Keynote lecture by Prof. Philip Kotler


◆ Session(1) Campaigns to Abolish Inhumane Weapons

Session(1) 非人道兵器廃絶のためのキャンペーンの登場Session(1) 非人道兵器廃絶のためのキャンペーンの登場Session(1) 非人道兵器廃絶のためのキャンペーンの登場Session(1) 非人道兵器廃絶のためのキャンペーンの登場Session(1) 非人道兵器廃絶のためのキャンペーンの登場Session(1) 非人道兵器廃絶のためのキャンペーンの登場

The campaign to prohibit all forms of inhuman weapons is the heart of the worldwide effort to achieve peace.
This session consists of a review of strategies adopted hitherto and a discussion of measures to be pursued going forward.


 Masaya Onimaru(Founder & Director, Terra Renaissance)     
 Nobuyasu Abe(Commissioner, Japan Atomic Energy Commission)        
 Kanae Doi(Japan Director, Human Rights Watch)   
 Motoko Mekata(Professor, Faculty of Policy Studies, Chuo University )
 Allison Pytlak(Policy & Advocacy Specialist, Control Arms Panelist)
 Jerry White(Nobel Peace Prize 1997 co-recipient and Ashoka Senior Fellow) 

◆ Session(2) Communications Design for Peace Campaigns


Discussions focus on marketing in the not-for-profit sector. Topics explored include the issues NPOs and NGOs confront in conducting peace marketing and the ways in which the private and not-for-profit sectors can connect and partner with each other.


 Takeshi Ito(Representative Director, asobot inc.)         
 Ayako Hayashi(Manager, Fund-raising Department, Plan International Japan)         
 James W. Harff(Co-Founder, President & CEO, Global Communicators, LLC)   
 Michael Peng (Managing Director, IDEO Tokyo) 
 Scott Nolan Smith(Founder & Board Member, Digital Diplomacy Coalition
 Associate Director, Portland) 

◆ Session(3) Marketing for Non-profit Organizations that Contribute to Peace

長浜 洋二 木山 啓子 渡邊 奈々 渡辺美紀 マーク・オリバー・オプレスニク

The lecture is followed by a discussion of the contributions various marketing tools can make in the cause of peace.

Transcripts of the lecture, in Japanese translation, are available below.
Session(3) Lecture on Not-for-Profit Marketing to Contribute to Peace (unconfirmed draft; PDF file)(545KB)

 Yohji Nagahama(Representative Director & CEO, PubliCo Inc.)         
  Keiko Kiyama (Co-president of the Board of Trustees, JEN)    
  Nana Watanabe(Founder and Representative Director, Ashoka Japan
Member of Ashoka’s Global Leadership Group)           
  Miki Watanabe(Leader of the Project Promotion Group, CSR Department, Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.)   
  Marc Oliver Opresnik
(Marketing Professor, Luebeck University of Applied Sciences
Marketing Professor and Member of the Board of Directors, SGMI Management Institute, St. Gallen
Chief Research Officer, Kotler Impact Inc.) 

◆ Session(4) The Role of Soft Power in Marketing Peace


Discussions explore the contribution to peace made in the fields of education, content creations and business, which is effective in forming “soft power” required for nations to proactively engage in world issues.



 Yoshimitsu Kaji(Director of Marketing & Communications, Accenture Japan )         
 Ryojun Shionuma DAIAJARI (Chief Priest, Jigen-ji Temple)    
  Kan Suzuki(Professor, University of Tokyo; Keio University)  
  Taizo Son(Representative Director, President & CEO, Mistletoe, Inc. )  

◆ Session(5) Discussion Panel with Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum

竹内 弘高

Approximately 20 young global leaders (business leaders aged 40 or under as listed by the Word Economic Forum) engage in dialogue with leaders of Japan and Hiroshima on the question of what they can do to bring peace to fruition.


 Hirotaka Takeuchi(Professor, Harvard Business School Moderator)  

◆ Workshop(1) Peace and Diversity

堀潤岩村 水樹岩附 由香白井 智子

Participants deepen the discussions by exploring specific themes.


 Jun Hori(Representative, 8bitNews)         
 Yuka Iwatsuki (認定NPO法人Ace 代表)    
 Miki Iwamura(Managing Director,
APAC Brand&Marketing and CMO Japan,
Google Japan Inc.)           
 Tomoko Shirai(Representative Trustee, Toybox) 


【Day 2 October 15 (Saturday)】

◆ Session(6) New Enterprise Value Created by Contributing to Peace(BOP・CSV)

馬場隆有馬 利男

Adopting a business-marketing perspective, participants discuss measures they can take through their core business activities to eradicate conflict and support postwar reconstruction.                  

Session(6) 平和貢献による新たな企業価値の創出(BOP・CSV)講演録(未定稿) (PDFファイル)(459KB)

 Takashi Baba
(Manager of the Partnership Promotion Division, Private Sector Partnership and Finance Department, Japan International Cooperation Agency)         

 Toshio Arima (Board Member, United Nations Global Compact)    
 Toshihiro Nakamura(Co-founder & CEO, Kopernik)           
 Brady Brewer(COO, Starbucks Coffee Japan, Ltd.)             
 COO, Starbucks Coffee Japan, Ltd.(Co-founder & COO, GK Enchanted Farm)

◆ Session(7) Branding “Hiroshima” as Global Peace Hub

藤井 宏一郎 隈元 美穂子 チャールズ・E・モリソン ジョナサン・マックローリー パー・L・サクセガード 苅田 知英 末松 弥奈子

Participants discuss the wide variety of measures that Hiroshima can undertake as continuous activities as a hub of the international peace movement.


 Ko Fujii(Founder & CEO, Makaira Moderator)        
 Mihoko Kumamoto (Head, UNITAR (United Nations Institute for Training and Research) Hiroshima Office Panelist)    
 Charles E. Morrison(President, East-West Center Panelist)           
 Jonathan McClory(Partner, Portland)             
 Per L. Saxegaard(Founder & Chairman, Business for Peace Foundation)

・Discussion Contributor
 Tomohide Karita(Chairman, Chugoku Economic Federation)
  Minako Suematsu(Senior Managing Director for Creating Shared Value Development, Tsuneishi Holdings Corporation)

◆  Workshop(1) Peace and Diversity


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