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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Illustration campaign

Your illustration will be used for the
top page of “Hiroshima for Global Peace” website
released on October 1st 2019.

We carry out a global peace illustration campaign towards a peaceful world without nuclear weapons with a keyword, “Your participation changes the world”. The adopted illustration will be used on the website top page.
Why don't you start by drawing a picture for a peaceful world without nuclear weapons? Your participation is an opportunity to change the world.
We look forward to your participation.


Application Requirements

Qualification requirements
Older than elementary school students
Work specification
  • Use A4 landscape paper. There is no specification of the paper to be used, but we would like a paper that can be scanned and has no bleed-through (the back of leaflets etc. is not acceptable).

    The area of about 1 cm from above the paper may be cut off when displayed on the screen. Also, please be noted that the area on the lower side of about 4 cm will be covered with the link button will be installed. Please see the sample of the illustration from here.
  • The theme is that you can freely imagine your idea of peace with a keyword, "Your participation changes the world". For example, "a peaceful world without nuclear weapons". However, the illustration are limited to original works and not applied to other contests/competitions.
Application method
[Apply by website]
Please fill out the following application form required items, and attach a PDF version of your work.

【Apply by mailing】
Please print out the application form and enclose with the work and apply for the address below. Please be careful not to bend the work.
Please download the application form from here.

〒 730-8511
10-52 Motomachi, Naka-ku , Hiroshima City,
Peace Promotion Project Team of Hiroshima Prefecture
CP illustrations for peace
Tel: +81 82-513-2368

※We may use your personal information to things about initiatives of “Hiroshima for Global Peace” and this illustration campaign. We never use it for others.
  • One person can apply for multiple works
  • Peace Promotion Project Team of Hiroshima Prefecture holds the copyright of the work, and the work will not be returned.
  • The work is used for TOP page on the website.
  • The works are limited to original works and not applied to other contests/competitions.
  • The works shall not infringe the rights of third parties such as copyrights (such as anime/animation characters), trademark rights, and portrait rights.
    Even if you get permission, please be aware that it may not be posted on this website.
  • We may use your personal information including email address to those related to this illustration campaign, and initiatives of “Hiroshima for Global Peace”.
    We may use it for business-related matters.
  • The website is scheduled to be released on October 1, 2019. However, please be aware that we can't answer inquiries about availability of your works and release dates.
  • The work can't be used on the website that is considered to be offensive to public order and morals, defies others, and violates the purpose of Peace Promotion Project Team of Hiroshima Prefecture.
  • Please click here for the Terms of Use.
About the tour of places related to "In This Corner of the World"
  • We tour Hiroshima and Kure city where is the places of related to “In This corner of the World”.
[Date and time] We will directly contact winners (Tour will be implemented by March 31, 2020.)
[Condition for the participation] The participants will meet and dismiss in Hiroshima City (You need to pay transportation expenses to/from Hiroshima city)
  • Applicant who have applied for the illustration campaign by December 13, 2019 (when applying, please mark whether to participate the tour.)
  • We choose from participants who meet all the above condition by lottery.
The tour is ended. Thank you for your participation. Illustration campaign is on going.

※About the use of personal information, please click the "Application from is here " button after agreeing to our privacy policy.

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