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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Learn about Hiroshima’s history

Hiroshima’s history, from before the atomic bomb (A-Bomb) was dropped to after the reconstruction.

The Industrial Promotion Hall after the bomb was dropped (today’s Atomic Bomb Dome)
Photo by Toshio Kawamoto Courtesy of Yoshio Kawamoto

An A-bomb—the first nuclear weapon used in human history—was dropped on Hiroshima and destroyed the city. How was the city of Hiroshima before the bombing? What kind of damage did the bomb cause, and how did it affect the people? How was the city reconstructed?

Online Peace Lecture: Thinking about Peace from Hiroshima

The “Online Peace Lecture: Thinking about Peace from Hiroshima” opens with a lecture on the reality of atomic bomb exposure , the state of global nuclear weapons, and the course of action toward peace. The lecturer will be Mr. Kiichi Fujiwara, an honorary professor at Tokyo University and the Institute for Future Initiatives. People who want to take actions for peace should not be reluctant to watch lectures!

Learn about Hiroshima’s history from exposed buildings and trees

There are a lot of exposed buildings built during the reconstruction of Hiroshima.

This section introduces the history and construction of these buildings. Please watch them and check the details of the buildings.