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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Online Study Program Vol.1-3 “the reality of Atomic Bomb through the interview with Mr. MORI Shigeaki” is released

The online Study program, “Thinking about Peace -Hiroshima as a starting point” Vol.1-3 is released.

You can learn the reality of Atomic Bomb through the interview with Mr. MORI Shigeaki (historian, Hibakusha/ A-bomb survivor)

Thinking about Peace – Hiroshima as a starting point

Hiroshima Prefecture has launched an online study program about history of nuclear weapons and global peace. This program is accessible to anyone, at any time, from anywhere, for free.

Please write your comments with the hashtag #TPHiroshima and #hiroshimapeacememorial.

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Vol.1-1 World War and Nuclear Weapons – Influence on international politics

Vol.1-2 The reality of Atomic Bomb I – Interview with Mr. TSUBOI Sunao–

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