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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Online Learning Program, “Think about Peace – Hiroshima as a starting point” is available!

Hiroshima Prefecture starts the online learning program in order to develop human resource that can disseminate peace for the international society.


Contents: 5 Courses (each course contains 50 minutes) 


Consisting of lectures by Prof. Fujiwara of the university of Tokyo and Interview with guests

1.Hiroshima: Starting from the ashes

1-1 World War and Nuclear Weapons – Influence on international politics

1-2 The reality of Atomic Bomb I – Interview by Mr. Sunao TSUBOI –

1-3 The reality of Atomic Bomb II – Interview by Mr. Shigeaki MORI –

1-4 The Flourishing of the Movement to Ban Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs and the Reality of International Politics

2. Ideal and Reality: International politics concerning nuclear weapons during cold war and post-cold war


 2-1 Ideals and Reality: The Cold War on Nuclear International Politics Immediately after the End of the Cold War 

2-2 Nuclear Disarmament and Nonproliferation by Power Balance

2-3 The end of the Cold Qar -Expectations and reality of nuclear disarmament-

 3. Increasingly Complex World: New Threat Concerning Nuclear Weapons and Modern Issues

3-1 World without Nuclear Weapons?

3-2 Diversification and Complication of Nuclear Risks

3-3 The Tension Caused by the Ban on Nuclear Weapons

4. Awareness of Peace: From Destruction to Reconstruction

– 4.1 End of the Cold War and the Emergence of Regional Conflicts and Civil Wars

– 4.2 Efforts of the International Community and Japan to Address Regional Conflicts and Civil Wars

– 4.3 Hiroshima — Its Mission and Initiatives as a Guardian of Peace

-4.4 Dialogue “Peacebuilding from Hiroshima” KUMAMOTO Mihoko; Director of Division for Prosperity, UNITAR (Head of UNITAR Hiroshima Office) × FUJIWARA Kiichi

5. Peace from Hiroshima: Past, Present, and Future

-5.1  What are “war” and “peace”?

-5.2 How has peace been discussed?(1)

  How has peace been discussed?(1)

-5.3  How has peace been discussed?(2)

-5.4 Thinking about Peace –Hiroshima as a starting point-

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