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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Privacy Policy(Effective Date: April 1, 2021)

Privacy Policy

  • About Privacy Policy

    For personal information that Hiroshima Organization for Global Peace (hereinafter, referred to as “HOPe”) received through “Hiroshima for Global Peace Official Site”, HOPe handles properly based on “Hiroshima personal information protection ordinance” as the following.

  • Definition of Personal Information

    Personal information refers to the information by which a specific individual could be identified including address, name, telephone number, E-mail address, etc.

  • Acquisition of Personal Information

    The acquisition of personal information through this website is, in principle, to be based on the users’ provision at their own will.
    When collecting personal information, HOPe shall explicitly state its purpose, and the acquisition shall be carried out to the extent necessary for achieving the specified purposes.

  • Use and Provision of Personal Information

    Personal information provided by users shall be used within the scope of purpose clearly stated in advance.
    Personal information shall not be used beyond the purpose of acquisition or provided it outside parties, except joint users and in certain cases as defined by the Personal information protection ordinance, such as when the disclosure is permitted by the individuals.

    The purpose of collecting personal information is as follows.

    (1) Providing, maintaining, protecting, and improving services including the member registration procedure and identity verification
    (2) Handling notices, communications, and inquiries related to projects and events to be transmitted from the website of Hiroshima for Global Peace
    (3) Transmitting email newsletters
    (4) Analyzing the causes of and solving technical problems that occur in systems, including servers
    (5) Analyzing users’ search conditions (search logs) and browsing history of website users to improve convenience

  • Joint Use of Personal Information

    HOPe will jointly use personal information collected on this website with the Hiroshima Prefectural government, that is the member and secretariat of HOPe. Hiroshima Prefecture and HOPe jointly implements projects to contribute the peace and development of an international society.

    (1)Items of Personal Information to be Used Jointly

    Although all items of collected personal information could be jointly used, personal information provided by users shall be used within the scope of purpose clearly stated in advance.

    (2)Purposes of Joint Use

    Collected personal information will be jointly used for each project, which is implemented jointly with or in cooperation with Hiroshima Prefecture.

    (3)Manager of Joint Use

    The manager in charge of personal information management in HOPe shall manage the joint use of collected personal information.

  • Management of Personal Information

    Personal information collected from the users shall be appropriately managed to prevent leakage, misuse or falsification.
    Personal information that is no longer needed shall be erased quickly and reliably.

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  • JavaScript

    JavaScript is used in parts of the contents for more user convenience.
    There may be the case where the website is not properly displayed or operable unless JavaScript of the browser is enabled. When using our website, please make sure that JavaScript is enabled on the browser settings. (JavaScript is enabled by default on a regular computer)

  • Security

  • SSL

    Our website uses an encryption communication technology called "SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)" so that users can operate securely when sending and receiving data.
    SSL is a mechanism to protect communication on the Internet by mutual authentication using digital signature and encrypted communication. This SSL encrypts the communication when personal information entered by the user and sent to the server. There is no concern that an external third party could read the users’ personal information.
    When the "key" mark is shown at the bottom of the browser, it means the page is in SSL mode.
    Any particular settings are not needed to use SSL.
    However, browsers with older versions may not be able to display it.

  • Cookie

    Our website uses Cookies (information sent to users’ browser from the server to identify at server side, and stored on the users’ computer) to grasp user behavior as statistical information, and to improve the convenience of the service. However, it is not possible to identify an individual from the information obtained. Though the cookie function can be disabled on users’ browser settings, the entire or part of our service may not be able to use when the function is disabled.

  • Log File

    Our website collects information such as IP address, browser type, referring/exit pages and URLs, time of the visit from the log file.

    Information collected from the log file is used for analyzing trends on our website, management of the website, tracking for user trends, etc. Those information collected from the log file will not be identified any particular individuals.
    In addition, our website uses Google Analytics to understand usage status of the website. Google Analytics collects information about users using Cookies. For more details, see HOW GOOGLE USES INFORMATION FROM SITES OR APPS THAT USE OUR SERVICES .

  • Links to Other Websites

    (1)As a rule, users are not required to ask permission to link to pages on this website. The above-mentioned rule applies when the users provide a link to any page of this website including the top page, unless otherwise indicated on this website. In addition, it is not necessary to notify us of the fact of providing links. Users must, however, indicate clearly on their web pages that they are link(s) to this website. When the link is created, users are requested to ensure that the link to this website does not open as a frame within another website.

    (2)There will be a change of this website's URL including the top page without prior notice. Hiroshima Prefecture is not responsible to users for any damages or consequences such as inconveniences related to indicators of broken links caused by changes or deletions of information on this website or changes of this website's URL.

  • Notes for SNS users

    On some website where SNS “button” is installed, some information such as user ID or where the user is accessing may be sent automatically from the website to the SNS without pressing the “button”. For more details, see “Notes for SNS users (Personal Information Protection Commission official website)”.
    For privacy policy of other services used on our website such as SNS, please check on the respective website of those services.


For Like button of the Facebook (Facebook Social Plugin), please refer to the data policy of the Facebook( Facebook Website ).

For Tweet button of the Twitter (Twitter button), please refer to the privacy policy of the Twitter, Inc.( Twitter, Inc. website ).

For button of the LINE (LINE Plugin), please refer to the privacy policy of the LINE Corporation ( LINE Corporation website ).

For the YouTube video embedded code and Google+, please refer to the privacy policy of the Google LLC ( Google LLC website ).

  • For the EU General Data Protection Regulation

    HOPe has established the policy below for handling the personal data of users of the Hiroshima for Global Peace Official Site website who live within the European Economic Area (EEA). Personal data refers to data that can be used to identify an individual, including their name, address, date of birth, gender, telephone number, e-mail address, company name, IP address, and other online identifiers.
    Handling refers to tasks implemented in relation to personal data, whether manual or automatic, including collecting, recording, configuring, structuring, saving, adapting/modifying, searching, referencing, using, disclosing, disclosing by sending/transmitting, or otherwise providing for use, sorting/combining, restricting, deleting, and destroying it.

    1. Purpose of Handling of Personal Data

    Follow the above

    2. Additional Handling

    In the event that personal data is to be handled for purposes other than the above, we will notify the user in advance of the new purpose of handling and other matters as stipulated by applicable laws.

    3. Consent to Handling of Personal Data

    By expressing intent to consent to this Privacy Policy, the user consents to the handling of their personal data by HOPe , and HOPe will handle their personal data based on that consent. However, the user may withdraw their consent at any time.
    Withdrawal of consent does not affect the legality of handling of personal data based on consent prior to withdrawal.
    HOPe may ask users to provide personal data related to provision of services and information via the Hiroshima for Global Peace Official Site website. If the user elects not to provide that personal data, HOPe may not be able to provide said services and information.

    4. Transfer

    By expressing intent to consent to this Privacy Policy, the user consents to the handling of their personal data in Japan where there are no protective measures based on the General Data Protection Regulation such as standard contract clauses and the European Commission has not determined the sufficiency of the level of protection.
    HOPe has implemented organizational and technical safety control measures with respect to handling of personal data received from users.
    HOPe may transfer personal data to companies (such as contractors) and other third parties with which it has signed non-disclosure agreements in advance in order to carry out the purposes of handling set forth above. The third parties to which the prefecture discloses the personal data of users include several companies located in countries outside of the EEA (including Japan and the United States; the same applies hereinafter). As such, by consenting to this Privacy Policy, the user consents to the following:

    (1) If said third parties are located in countries outside of the EEA that do not have data protection laws similar to the EEA, they will not be granted many of the rights established for data subjects within the EEA.

    (2)Their personal data will be transferred to third parties outside of the EEA.

    (3)Their personal data will be transferred, and a third party outside of the EEA to which we disclose the data will process it to achieve the purposes set forth above. In the event that the prefecture transfers personal data to a third party located in a country outside of the EEA, we will ensure that sufficient measures are in place to protect the personal data by such means as signing an agreement with said third party that contains standard contract clauses based on the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

    5. Rights of Data Subjects

    Users may request access, correction, deletion, or processing restrictions; file objections to processing; and make requests for data portability in relation to the personal data held by HOPe in accordance with related laws and ordinances.
    Users may also file objections to processing of their personal data with the data protection authorities having jurisdiction over HOPe or the location where they reside.