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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Q10 How is Hiroshima passing down the experience of A-bombing to future generations?

The City of Hiroshima has been conducting various measures to properly pass on the reality of the atomic bombing and the experiences of A-bomb survivors to future generations.
Training A-bomb Legacy Successors
As survivors age, fading of the experience of A-bombing survivors has become a great concern, and passing along their experiences and desire for peace is an important and urgent challenge. To deal with the situation, the City of Hiroshima started a threeyear training program for A-bomb Legacy Successors in 2012 and applicants are publicly recruited every year. In the first year (2012), the program had 137 applicants. The successors who completed the training program will start their activities in 2015.

Sharing survivor testimonies with visitors to Hiroshima including students
Visitors to Hiroshima including students of elementary, junior high and high schools on field trips are given opportunities to listen to survivor testimonies. 37 A-bomb survivors are commissioned by the Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation (as of March 31, 2014). In fiscal 2013, 1,826 groups involving 151,549 individuals listened to testimonies.

Hiroshima Peace Volunteer Program
A citizens’ volunteer training program was started in 1999 and publicly-recruited volunteers offer visitors explanations about the exhibition at the Peace Memorial Museum and the monuments in the Peace Memorial Park. The number of registered volunteers are 191 (as of March 31, 2014) and they offer guidance on a rotating basis.

Recording and utilizing videotapes of survivor testimonies
Since fiscal 1986, survivor testimonies have been recorded on videotapes to preserve as many testimonies as possible for future generations. The number of recorded testimonies is 1,195 (as of March 31, 2014).

Hiroshima Peace Forum
Starting in fiscal 2002, Hiroshima Peace Forum is held to provide an opportunity through lectures and discussions for citizens to contemplate the atomic bombing and war, and to explore how they can contribute to cause of peace. Since 2009, the forum has been held in cooperation with Hiroshima City University. More than 100 citizens and students from all age groups (from teenager up to 60s and 70s) take the course, which consists of six Saturday sessions held May through July each year.

Peace Club for junior high and high school students
It has been held since fiscal 2002 to provide an opportunity for junior high and high school students to learn about the reality of the atomic bombing and peace. Every year, approximately two dozen students join the club and learn through 15–16 lectures and events held throughout the year.

Peace Study Program at elementary, junior high, and high schools
Peace Study Programs are offered by dispatching lecturers to schools in Hiroshima City to introduce the reality of atomic bombing and measures for the abolition of nuclear weapons. In fiscal 2013, the programs were offered at a total of 49 schools.


Please refer to the following website for further information about Hiroshima City’s devotion to peace.


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