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Takaki Bakery Co., Ltd

Great satisfaction brought by a slice of bread

 – Bread that is tasty and makes everybody smile –

Soft enough to scoop with a spoon and mash with the tongue

Many senior citizens like bread, but senior care facilities tend to avoid serving bread because commonly available bread easily becomes lodged in the eater’s throat, while a slice of readymade bread is usually too big for seniors to finish in one meal.

To solve these problems, “Raku Raku Shokupan” (“easy-to-eat bread”) was produced. This is the first bread in the shape of a loaf that is categorized as functional food for people who need extra care. It is soft enough to mash with the tongue while tasty enough for seniors to enjoy.

Raku Raku Shokupan can be served not only to seniors but also to those who temporarily cannot eat commonly available bread due to illness, injury or impairment, as well as to infants.

SDG-oriented features

What is most important in terms of meals for those who need extra care is being easy to eat. Raku Raku Shokupan, including its crust, is soft enough to be scooped with a spoon and eaten. It is also tasty enough for elderly people to enjoy. In addition, it is similar in appearance to ordinary bread, which helps elderly people feel they are having an ordinary meal. It is generally surprisingly difficult to provide such comfortable meals. Raku Raku Shokupan can thus help improve elderly people’s quality of life.

The objective of Takaki Bakery is to provide bread that makes people happy. Its bread prepared for elderly people and others who need extra care helps them enjoy their everyday meals, thereby making their lives feel fulfilled and improving the welfare of all people.

Takaki Bakery Co., Ltd

Address:3-7-1 Nakano-higashi, Aki-ku, Hiroshima City



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