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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Participating companies’ comments

I think it is very meaningful for university students in Hiroshima Prefecture to interact with companies under the theme of the SDGs, become conscious of Hiroshima, and spread information on Hiroshima throughout the world. The students visiting our company had gathered a lot of information on our company through the website and other sources in advance, which impressed me greatly. I hope that the “international peace city Hiroshima” and Hiroshima-based companies will continue to grow into the future.

Tsukasa Tabata, Section Chief, Public Relations and Environment Office, General Affairs Department, Hiroshima Gas Co., Ltd.

I think this is a very good program because students can learn about both overseas issues and efforts made by local companies.
It would be better to include, in addition to an interview, a study tour of companies to obtain more detailed information, such as the manufacturing process and onsite activities, and to provide students with an opportunity to deepen their understanding and discuss various issues with international students, through which I believe students can expand their knowledge and experience. Shuji Okamoto, Manager, Overseas Business Department, Eiwa Land Environment Co., Ltd.

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