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Hiroshima for Global Peace

“The Association of Teachers Who Keep The Story of Hiroshima Alive” The Kamishibai of Kajiya Fumiaki

“It can’t be allowed to happen a third time.I want to tell that to as many children as possible.And I hope that they will tell it to their own children when they grow up.” These are the words of Kajiya Fumiaki, who uses kamishibai to convey his experience of the bombing at the age of six.
This page presents Kajiya’s kamishibai video in a total of nine chapters.

※A portion of the images contained in this video have been edited.
※Some content may be considered inappropriate, but in order to respect the intent of the individual’s message, we are presenting his comments as originally stated.
※The content recorded here are the recollections of the individual, based on his own knowledge and memory, onducted 75 years after the conclusion of World War II.
Therefore, there is a possibility that it may contain inaccuracies or vague uncertainties due to lapses in memory.

Chapter 1: Summer of 1945

Chapter 2: The Sounds of Sirens

Chapter 3: A Bright White Light

Chapter 4: Desperation

Chapter 5: After the Bomb

Chapter 6: East Parade Ground

Chapter 7: The Two Writers

Chapter 8: A Desperate Wish

Chapter 9: We Can Never Let it Happen a Third Time

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