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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Commitments by the Participants of the 6th Hiroshima Junior International Forum

Participants in the 6th Hiroshima Junior International Forum were asked post-forum how they want to contribute to nuclear
weapons abolition and peacebuilding. Below are the commitments they wrote organized by theme.

1.Disseminate what we learned in the forum to our relatives and friends at school or by using social media.

  • I will tell my friends and family that nuclear weapons are very dangerous and that we must abolish them.
  • I will share my experiences that I learned from this forum to get people interested in peace-building.
  • I will share information about peace via Instagram.
  • I will give a presentation about nuclear abolition at an English Speech contest.
  • I will talk about this forum and the declaration that we made during my activities as a Youth Peace Volunteer guide.
  • I will give a presentation and discuss nuclear weapons in my community (with my friend who is learning English with me over Zoom).
  • I want to make a phone call to the elementary school in Iwate that I graduated from, and schedule a meeting with them to discuss how we should promote peace education.
  • I will give a presentation about international peace at my school.
  • I will connect people in my community with other former participants of Hiroshima forum so they can learn, exchange experiences and ideas, as well as have a chance to build friendships which is important for building peace.
  • As a Cambodian, I want people in my community to know about peace building and nuclear studies. I am committed to translating hibakushas’ testimonies into my own language, to get the people in my community’s attention.
  • As I work in a social organization, I often meet children and get the chance to teach something new to them. I will teach them about the destructiveness of nuclear weapons, because most of our country does not have basic knowledge about nuclear weapons. Because education was central to the solutions we proposed in the Hiroshima Declaration, I would like to focus my efforts on peace education.
  • Encourage the participation of other students in forums such as The Hiroshima Junior International Forum.

2.Put up newspapers/posters at school etc.

  • I will publish my experiences at the forum in the newspaper.
  • I belong in a photography club at my high school. This year, our photography club took pictures of the ceremony on August 6th and interviewed people who came to lay flowers on the cenotaph. I will ask the newspaper literature club to put our pictures, and words from the people at the ceremony and this forum in the school paper.
  • I will write an original newspaper about peace. I can’t do interviews directly to COVID-19 countermeasures, but I will write it using the books in the library and the knowledge I gained from this forum. Then, I’ll ask students’ thoughts about using the newspaper I make in peace activities at the elementary school where my mother works.
  • I will tell everyone in my school what I learned at Miraijuku in English newspapers.
  • I will make posters about Hansen’s diseases and exhibit them at my school.

3.Promote peace through social media.

  • I will produce fun learning contents using art and drawings to attract people’s attention to this topic.
  • Making or recommending anime and comics that talk about war and nuclear weapons.
  • I want to promote activities that preserve hibakusha’s testimonies by using advanced AI technology, and would utilize social media to find people who can help us in financial and technological ways.
  • I am going to use one of our group ideas; utilizing influencers. One of my favorite YouTubers is a popular web group called “Quiz Knock”. They are always welcoming suggestions for their channel, so I will send them a suggestion to make a quiz about conflicts and peace to upload so that people will understand the importance and fun of peace education.
  • I will use social media to let many people all over the world know my thoughts.
  • I will share information about the peace volunteering activities I’m participating in and the importance of peace by using social networking sites (Instagram).
  • I will post some thoughts and pictures on Instagram every month.
  • I will make a presentation video on social media platforms to spread awareness.
  • I will use online services more actively to increase opportunities to communicate with many people.

4.Disseminate the stories of hibakusha through social media etc.

  • In the future, the number of living A-bomb survivors will decline, so we should pass on their stories to the younger generations, to insure we don’t ever repeat such an atrocity.
  • Since I was moved by Ms. Tanaka’s recollection of the atomic bombing, I want to spread stories of the hibakusha via social media so that younger people including those across the globe have easier access to these stories of nuclear weapons and peace.

5.Translate hibakusha’s testimonies into English.

  • I will translate Ms. Haruko Moritaki’s testimonies into English with the collaboration of my fellow club members and NET-GTAS (the A-bomb survivor testimony network).

6.Collecting signatures for abolition of nuclear weapons.

  • I will join activities to collect signatures against nuclear weapons.
  • I will collect signatures at my school in support of nuclear weapons abolition.
  • I will participate in the signature drive that the high school peace ambassadors have once a month at Peace Park.

7.Educate ourselves more about nuclear abolition and peace building. (including various inequalities).

  • I want to learn more about the problems that are occurring in the world.
  • While we strive to solve nuclear weapons issues, I think we need to face other damage caused by World WarⅡas well.
  • I would like to think about nuclear weapons not from one perspective, but from many different perspectives. I believe that learning from the past and changing the future is one thing we students can do.
  • I would like to learn about the various disparities that surround us today and think about what I can do to help (for peace building etc.).
  • In addition to learning and thinking about reasons to abolish nuclear weapons, I will also learn and think about the reasons why some people think nuclear weapons are necessary.
  • I want to study more about both the histories and current circumstances of topics such as nuclear disarmament and peace-building in order to improve my knowledge and contribute to these causes.
  • I will learn what peace means for people from other countries as well as for Japanese.
    I believe that having a strong will of one’s own, without being influenced by the opinions of others, is a step toward building peace.

8.Learn more about different cultures.

  • I would like to respect others and learn about different cultures by, for example, researching on the Internet, proactively interacting with others when I have the chance, etc.

9.Learn about the Okinawa War and Hansen disease, the Holocaust and so on, with high school students in Okinawa each other.

  • I will learn with high school students in Okinawa about the Battle of Okinawa and Hansen disease, the Holocaust etc.
  • I will translate a map of the National sanatorium, Nagashima-Aiseien into English.

10.Hold events for debate and opinion exchange.

  • I would like to hold an event where in debates, participants can try arguing for the side of opinions which are different from their own.
  • I will take the lead in organizing a social event via Zoom to spread information on peace and nuclear weapons to the Japanese people.

11.Participate in programs and activities relate to peace.

  • I would like to participate in programs and activities where I can learn about peace-building, and discuss with many people about various issues.
  • Participate again in a similar forum and increase my knowledge.
  • I will join some events where I can communicate with foreign people, because in the Hiroshima Declaration we proposed working together to understand others.

12.Participate in the volunteer activities.

  • I will participate in other peace-related volunteer activities such as Peace Night Hiroshima or Face to Peace.
  • If I get the opportunity, I want to do volunteer activities to inform foreign people and Japanese about nuclear disarmament and peace building.
  • I commit to joining a fund-raising campaign.
  • I commit to support campaigns and groups which support poor countries.

13.Write graduation report on peace education curriculum.

  • I will think about a curriculum for peace education and present it in my own high school graduation report, to prevent misunderstandings about nuclear weapons or other things about war.

14.I will interview government officials and people working for UNCHR on the issue of accepting refugees into Japan and write a report.

15.I will exchange opinions with members of parliament.

16.I will conduct a survey of how interested students are in peace building.

17.Ask American friends about their school’s peace education.

  • I have many foreign friends in America and even during this pandemic, I have stayed in touch with them. One of my friends belongs to a student council, so I will ask her about what peace education curriculum and programs they have at their school to provide more information about peace building, abolishing nuclear weapons and our ideal roles since I live in Hiroshima. I will contact them online (Zoom).

18.I want to start a fund for peace building and more. And when it grows bigger, I could get partnerships with companies, music groups (Like BTS, Johnny’s etc.) or Netflix series.

19.After the pandemic ends, I want to visit Hiroshima. I would especially like to visit the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum to learn about the A-bombing myself.

20.Buy fair trade and Red Cup Campaign products.

  • I will support people who live in poor countries by buying fair trade products and pitching in with contributions of money.
  • I will buy and consume products with the Red cup sign of the Red cup campaign so I can participate in ending world hunger during my daily life.

21.I will support companies which try to abolish nuclear weapons by buying their products.

22.I will not waste water or food.

23. Keep an open mind to those around us.

  • I will respect people who have different cultures and abolish prejudices.
  • Through social media, I will eliminate any subconscious prejudices I have that distinguish me from “foreigners.”
  • I will listen to many different types of opinions to be more tolerant.
  • I will be friendly, kind, respectful, and understanding whenever I interact with people with various backgrounds. Keeping an open mind will broaden my views and eliminate preconceived notions about others, so I will encourage people around me to do the same.
  • Inner peace is a must. It will help us control our anger so that we won’t kill each other.
  • Make an effort to make people around you smile.

24. Check reliability of information found on the Internet.

  • When posting on social media about the theme of peace or donations for undeveloped countries, I will be careful to check that the source is reliable and will efficiently act towards a better world.
  • I will also be responsible for every word I say and will not attack others or make any discriminatory remarks on the Internet.
  • I will judge what is true or false according to my own actual experience and knowledge, rather than blindly listening to the misleading information of some media.

25. I’ll avoid judging people without knowing them well and support gender equality rights that I learned in the forum.

26. Try hard to learn English and other languages.

  • I want to learn foreign languages to communicate with many people all over the world, promote mutual understanding and share different values.
  • Improve my English so that I can say what I want to convey.

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