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Hiroshima for Global Peace

2019 WBCWP2019 World Business Conference for World Peace

Conference Overview

The Conference is held to connect business sectors and its people to peace. We will discuss the relation between business and building peace toward peaceful world without nuclear weapons.

SDGsにおけるマルチステイクホルダー・パートナーシップを通して国際平和の実現へSDGsにおけるマルチステイクホルダー・パートナーシップを通して国際平和の実現へ SDGsにおけるマルチステイクホルダー・パートナーシップを通して国際平和の実現へ

Date and Time

October 23 (Wed)
and 24 (Thu)


International conference center Hiroshima
(1-5, Nakajima-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City)

Sponsored by
Hiroshima Peace Contribution Network

How to Get to the Venue


Keynote Lecture Mr. Tilman Ruff



Tilamn Ruff: Co-Founder of International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN)


Special Talk by OTA Yuki



OTA Yuki: Vice president of the International Fencing Federation and President of Japan Fencing Federation. He is a silver medallist at the 2008 Summer Olympics and team silver medallist at the 2012 Summer Olympics.


Special Panelist : Jacques Attali






Time and Session name might change
You can enter the sessions that you would like to join.

October 23 (Wed)




Opening Greetings: YUZAKI Hidehiko(Governor of Hiroshima Prefecture)


Keynote Speech

Keynote Speech

Tilman Ruff (Co-founder of ICAN)


Special Session

Growth, Index and Peace

Many of the contemporary conflicts occur when a region becomes destabilized and loses the balance in people’s lives or national governance. What, then, are the social, economic, and physical factors for building a stable society? What are the indices of “positive peace,” a state characterized not just by the absence of conflict but in which people can live humanely? How are the SDGs, which aim to achieve sustainability of the earth and our society, related to peace? Participants in this session will be invited to consider fundamental conditions for peace in contemporary society and how we can put them into indices, while consulting the Positive Economy Index, a new economic index aimed at creating a sustainable society in the spirit of altruism.


Session 1

Cultural/ Sports Exchange Programs and Peace

Panelists: FUKUSHIMA Akiko (Professor, School of Global Studies and Collaboration, Aoyama Gakuin University)
The other panelists will be updated later once it is fixed.


SDGs Select Booklet

Presentation best practices of SDGs business by local companies in Hiroshima

To achieve the SDGs, everyone is expected to partner with others in their respective areas, and Hiroshima is no exception. Yet, it cannot be said that there is a high awareness of the SDGs in Hiroshima Prefecture. To address this situation, a booklet on leading initiatives in the SDGs business arena by Hiroshima-based companies and organizations, which has been compiled by university students from Hiroshima, will be presented for the people in and outside of Hiroshima and at home and abroad.



Session 2

Sustaining Governance through Infosphere Security

Panelists: FURUTA Daisuke (CEO, Media-Collab Inc.)
KAWAGUCHI Takahisa (Senior Researcher, Tokio Marine & Nichido Risk Consulting Co., Ltd.)
TAKANO Seigen (CEO, Sprout Inc.)


Session 3

Contributions to Peace through Disaster Prevention/ Emergency Assistance for Natural Disasters in Asia

Panelists: KOKUBUN Toshifumi (Professor/ Director of Rule Making Strategy Research Center, Tama University & Senior Fellow, Pacific Forum & Strategic Impact Unit Lead Partner, EY Advisory & Consulting Co., Ltd.)
TAKEYA Kimio (Distinguished Technical Advisor to the President, JICA & Special Appointed Professor of International Research Institute of Disaster Science (IRIDeS), Tohoku University)


SDGs Business Contest

Hiroshima Peace Startup Award

Realization of peace through creation of SDGs, BOP, and CSR businesses Social businesses that borrow the perspectives of CSR, BOP, and the SDGs are expected to help to politically stabilize local communities by conserving the environment, providing educational opportunities and protecting human rights, thus contributing to the prevention of conflict. At this conference, attempts will be made to create concrete instances of SDGs, BOP, and CSR businesses by matching Hiroshima-based entrepreneurs seeking an SDGs business with businesses in Hiroshima and other parts of the country.


Youth Conference

Young People’s Approach to Peace

This session invites young people to discuss the future that they hope to shape. Much is expected from young people in regard to the realization of peace. For this conference, young representatives of organizations that plan and operate projects and events for this cause will be joined by university students and high school students from Hiroshima in the search for ways to make the ideal real as they think and speak from their own experiences.



October 24 (Thu)



Session 4

Realization of Peace through Global Business Strategy

Panelists: IMAMURA Takashi (Executive Officer and General Manager of Research Institute, Marubeni Corporation)
The other panelists will be updated later once it is fixed.


Special Talk

Special Talk

OTA Yuki (Vice President of International Fencing Federation, President of Japan Fencing Federation) x KAJI Yoshimitsu (Advisor, Kamakura City Government)



Positive Economy Forum

The first Positive Economy Forum in Japan is organized by the Institute of Positive Economy presided by Jacques Attali This event “Positive economy, a path to peace. Building a better world for future generations” will be held as part of the World Business Conference for World Peace.
It will bring together Presidents, Ministers, economists, activists and artists who will think together on the power of the positive economy as a tool for international peace.
As the world experiences the greatest demographic, economic, digital and environmental revolutions, we are convinced that “the world of tomorrow can be better than today’s world.” The emergence of a new world requires everyone to reinvest themselves, to embrace the future with the concern of future generations. That is the essence of positive economy.



Cédric Baecher
YUZAKI Hidehiko (Governor of Hiroshima Prefecture)



Every Kind of Diplomacy Can Serve Peace

The Nobel Diplomacy : a transnational contribution to World Peace
Josepha Laroche (Professor Panthéon-Sorbonne)


Act 1

Can War Be Eradicated, Close Up On The Different Aspects Of Conflict

Testimonies: These heroes who fought hate in the world
Inna Shevshenko (Feminist activist)

Testimonies: National reconciliation, post-conflict peace building and consolidation
Jean Jacques Kourliandsky (Director of Latin America Observatory)

Conversation: Resources, technologies, what will trigger conflicts in the 21st century
Akiko Taguchi (Director ILO Office for Japan)
Jean-Christophe Bas (CEO of the Dialogue of Civilizations Institute)
Robert Verdier (President of Positive Planet Japan)

Involvement: The disillusion of war
Plantu (Cartooning for Peace)



Live drawing animation by Plantu


Act 2

International Cooperation

Keynote: Fighting climate change: a global priority for peace
Michèle Sabban (President of R20)

Testimony: The nuclear arsenal also affects future generations
Tilman Ruff (International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons [ICAN], 2017 Nobel peace prize)
Testimony of an « hibakusha », victim of nuclear bomb in Hiroshima

Cloture Keynote
Jacques Attali (President of Positive Planet)

CLOSING by the moderator Cédric Baecher



SPECIAL SESSION : Growth, Index and Peace













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