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Hiroshima for Global Peace

A story of a girl who survived an atomic bomb6



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(Author Profiles)

Original Author/ KODAMA Toyoko

Born in Miyoshi city, Hiroshima prefecture in 1928. Maiden name, Amata. Entered Hiroshima Electric Railway Girls’ School. Three days after exposed by the atomic bomb, she worked in the restoration section. “Working without leaving from Hiroshima after the atomic bombing is my pride. I hope the Hiroshima Electric Railway model 650 will be loved by everyone.”

Manga/ Kanabun

Woman living in Hiroshima, and the third-generation of a-bomb survivors. Started sketching mangas of atomic bombing stories after her grandmother’s request while working full-time.

The second story is based on the experience of her grandmother’s cousin. . She is now sketching a story based on an A-bomb survivor doctor, Shun-taro Hida’s experience.


A story of a girl who survived an atomic bomb5



(This article is reprinted from the following book)  

The 75th Anniversary of a Bombed Train”

-A running historical monument and the story of recovery and rebirth behind them.

Work Assistance: Hiroshima Electric Railways

Publication: 2017

Price: JPY2500+tax

ISBN: 978-4-86250-527-9



【Introduction of Initiatives by Hirohsima Prefecture】

Atomic Bombed Trams that supported the reconstruction of Hiroshima Part 1 “Car No. 651”

Three days after the bombing, some sections of the road were restored, and trams were back in operation. The trams that were restored despite being exposed to the bombing were eventually called “A-Bombed trams” and has supported the city of Hiroshima. Car No. 651 is still running in Hiroshima. 

Learn more

Listening to the testimonies of A-bomb survivors

On Information archives (membership registration is necessary), you can search testimonies by age at the time of bombing, distance from the ground zero and so on.

Listening to the testimonies of A-bomb survivors

Learn about Hiroshima’s reconstruction: Hiroshima’s path to reconstruction

The booklet, “Hiroshima’s path to reconstruction” explains how Hiroshima was rebuilt after the atomic bombing.

Learn about Hiroshima’s reconstruction: Hiroshima’s path to reconstruction

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