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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Atomic Bomb Damage and Administration

Fukuhei Ando

Born in 1948. Ph.D course of Graduate School of Letters, Kyoto University. Member archivist of the Japan Society for Archival Science Honorary personnel of Hiroshima Municipal Archives


The atomic bombing of Hiroshima was an event that so far exceeded prediction that preliminary measures against raids were not of much help. Despite such circumstances, the army, administration and people had to deal with the damage based on the preliminary measures and remaining systems, functions and resources. There were distinct conditions caused by the atomic bombing; however, there were some aspects which the bombing had in common with other war damage and massive natural disasters.
This paper explains the administrative measures by featuring the administrative system before the atomic bombing, preliminary measures against air raids, the reconstruction of the badly damaged administrative system, the army-led cleanup of war damage, the implementation of support systems, first-aid measures, information control, and restoration to a normal state.

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