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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Leaning from Hiroshima’s Reconstruction Experience: Reborn from the Ashes Vol.3

“’Hiroshima for Global Peace’ Plan Joint Project Executive Committee”, organized by Hiroshima Prefecture and the city of Hiroshima undertook a two-year project, “Hiroshima Reconstruction and Peacebuilding Research Project”, spanning from 2012 to 2013. We released the report as a complication of the results of the project.

In March 2017, we released Vol. 3 focusing on “Atomic Bomb Damage and Administration” and “Orphans of the Atomic Bomb: Untold Stories”.


Photos are not posted on the website. You can see the photo on the report (PDF)

Atomic Bomb Damage and Administration


I. Battles in the Mainland and Hiroshima

II. Damage and System of Administration under Atomic Bombing

III. First-Aid Relief Operation

IV. Restoration of Administrative System



Orphans of the Atomic Bomb: Untold Stories


1. Rescue Immediately Following the Bombing: Hijiyama Camp For Lost Children

2. Left in the Evacuation Area

3. Childhood Education

4. Childhood Education

5 .Moral Adoption

6. Untold Traces


Download the report (PDF)


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Leaning from Hiroshima’s Reconstruction Experience: Reborn from the Ashes

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