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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Hiroshima Report

This report is one of the efforts to materialize the “International Peace Center Hiroshima Initiative”. Since 2013, we have analyzed and evaluated the status of efforts in each country toward nuclear disarmament. By disseminating this report to the country and showing the status of each country’s efforts toward nuclear disarmament, we expect that the process of eliminating nuclear weapons in the international community will be steadily advanced one step at a time.


Hiroshima Report

Hiroshima Report 2023 Edition Hiroshima Report 2022 Edition Hiroshima Report 2021 Edition Hiroshima Report 2020 EditionHiroshima Report 2019 EditionHiroshima Report 2018 EditionHiroshima Report 2017 EditionHiroshima Report 2016 EditionHiroshima Report 2015 EditionHiroshima Report 2014 EditionHiroshima Report 2013 Edition

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