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Hiroshima for Global Peace

18. Iran ■Non-Nuclear-Weapon State

Nuclear Disarmament

14 points

Full points 42

33.3 %

Change compared to the Hiroshima Report 2019: 0

Iran voted for most of the UNGA Resolutions regarding nuclear disarmament, including the UNGA resolution titled “Taking forward multilateral nuclear disarmament negotiations,” and other UNGA Resolutions related to the humanitarian dimensions as well as legal prohibition of nuclear weapons. However, it has not actively engaged in promotion of nuclear disarmament. Iran has neither ratified the CTBT nor signed the TPNW.

Nuclear Non-Proliferation

35 points

Full points 61


Change compared to the Hiroshima Report 2019: -2

Iran began to steadily withdraw from its own obligations under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) as a countermeasure vis-à-vis the U.S. withdrawal from it and re-imposition of sanctions against Iran. While Iran has not ratified the IAEA Additional Protocol, it has accepted its provisional application, under which the IAEA conducted complimentary access visits. The IAEA detected natural uranium particles of anthropogenic origin at a location in Iran not declared to the Agency.

Nuclear Security

12 points

Full points 41


Change compared to the Hiroshima Report 2019: +2

Iran signed the Joint Convention on the Safety of Spent Fuel Management and on the Safety of Radioactive Waste Management in 2019. Iran also hosted a workshop on nuclear security detection architecture with the IAEA, and was positive about its cooperation in capacity building and participation in international efforts.

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