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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Hiroshima Report 202327. Saudi Arabia ■Non-Nuclear-Weapon State

Nuclear Disarmament 15.5 Points Full Points 48 32.3%
Saudi Arabia voted for most of the UNGA Resolutions regarding nuclear disarmament related to the humanitarian dimensions as well as legal prohibition of nuclear weapons. However, it has not signed the TPNW or the CTBT. Saudi Arabia abstained the UNGA resolution on the CTBT. It has not actively engaged in promotion of nuclear disarmament.
Nuclear Non-Proliferation 33 Points Full Points 61 54.1%
Saudi Arabia has not acceded to the IAEA Additional Protocol. Its national implementation regarding export controls also came up short. Saudi Arabia had repeatedly stated an intention to acquire nuclear weapons, but did not do in 2022. Meanwhile, it was reported that Saudi Arabia has developed and deployed ballistic missiles with the help of China. Although its first research reactor is nearing completion, it has neither concluded the IAEA Comprehensive Safeguards Agreement and nor accepted an amendment to the Small Quantity Protocol (SQP). Saudi Arabia opposes renouncing a right to conduct enrichment and reprocessing activities in negotiations on a Saudi-U.S. civil nuclear cooperation agreement.
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