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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Hiroshima Junior International Forum“Hiroshima Junior International Forum”

“Hiroshima Junior International Forum”

Hiroshima Prefectural Government has invited middle and high school students from overseas, within the prefecture and international students to join in a debate and dialogue on international peace to host “Hiroshima Junior International Forum”. The goal of the event is to spread a message of peace overseas, deepen mutual understanding, and train next generation human resources while advancing Hiroshima as an international hub for peace.


1 Hiroshima Junior International Forum Declaration

See attached file


(Japanese(Provisional translation) 





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  1. Facebook has opened on May 17th (Tuesday)


・YouTube video delivery has started from August 23th (Tuesday)


  1. Opening ceremony and keynote speach / 開会式・基調講演

    知事挨拶          02:43
    参加者紹介         09:40
    基調講演1        15:40
    基調講演2           1:11:23

    ・Digest Movie 5min.10sec. / ダイジェスト版 5分10秒

  2. Summary of group discussion and Hiroshima declaration / グループディスカッション報告会・広島宣言発表

    報告会                   02:52
    参加者代表の報告  14:30
    広島宣言発表       39:25

    ・Digest Movie 5min.59sec.



2 Outline

  1. Hosted by: Hiroshima Prefectural Government

  2. Supported by: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

  3. Date: (Sunday) August 21, 2016 to (Wednesday) August 24, 2016

  4. Location: International Convention Center Hiroshima

  5. Theme: What we can do to bring about international peace?

     (Initiatives for the abolition of nuclear weapons, reconstruction and peacebuilding)

  6.  Participants 

    ・Middle and high school students from overseas (16 countries and regions)  16

    (Sichuan・China, Hawaii・USA, Guanajuato・Mexico, Brazil, Vietnam, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Bangladesh,    Malaysia, Taiwan, Cambodia, the Philippines, Mongolia, Afghanistan, Laos)

     ・Middle and high school students from Hiroshima  47

    ・Students from Mie prefecture 2

    ・International students enrolled in a university in Hiroshima 18

  7. Schedule
Date  Program details

8/17 (Thu)


Program to learn the realities of the atomic bombing 
 (Tour Peace Memorial Museum, visit monuments , hear a testimony from an atomic bombing survivor)

8/22 (Mon) 

Opening ceremony


Keynote speech


*with simultaneous Japanese & English interpretation* Open to the general public


■“How Global Community Looks at Japan and Its Future Course”
 Mr. Toshio Sano, Former Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary,
 Permanent Representative of Japan to the Conference on Disarmament


■”Your UNITED NATIONS: Get engaged as change maker through SDGs !”
 Ms. Kaoru Nemoto, Director, United Nations Information Centre in Tokyo


■“NPO and society toward realization of peaceful world and a sustainable future what you can do”
 Ms. Kaori Nemoto, CSO Network Japan Executive Director

  Welcome reception

Group discussion,Peace Arch Requiem Concert,Welcome reception

8/23 (Tue) 

Summary of group discussion and declaration

Present Hiroshima Declaration

*with simultaneous Japanese & English interpretation  * Open to the general public


Visit a high school in Hiroshima, cultural exchanges, visit Miyajima



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