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Hiroshima for Global Peace

The 4th Hiroshima Junior International Forum

Outcome of the Forum

Hiroshima Prefectural Government has invited high school students from overseas, within Japan and international students to join in a debate and dialogue on international peace to host “Hiroshima Junior International Forum”. The goal of the event is to spread a message of peace overseas, deepen mutual understanding, and train next generation human resources while advancing Hiroshima as an international hub for peace.

Hiroshima Junior International Forum Declaration

See attached file

Action Plans by the participants

The groups of participants described what they would do after coming back to their home countries as Action Plans. Please see attached file.

Summary of Action Plan

Action Plans (Original in handwriting)



・YouTube video delivery

(1) August 23rd Reporting Session and Declaration

(2)  Report of the 4th Hiroshima Junioir International Forum


(1) Hosted by: Hiroshima Prefectural Government

(2) Supported by: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, AFS Japan and YFU Japan Inc.

(3) Date: (Tuesday) August 20, 2019 to (Friday) August 23, 2019

(4) Location: International Convention Center Hiroshima

(5) Theme: What we can do to bring about international peace?
       (Initiatives for the abolition of nuclear weapons, reconstruction and peacebuilding)

(6) Participants

Category Number of Participants Countries (Regions)
Foreign high school students from overseas 16 people (16 countries and regions) Sichuan・China, Hawaii・USA, Guanajuato・Mexico, Bolivia, Vietnam, South Korea, Malaysia, Nepal, Taiwan, Cambodia, Philippines, Myanmar, Mongolia, India, Sri Lanka, Laos
Foreign high school students living in Japan 15 people (15 countries and regions) Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Czech, Estonia,
Finland, France, Germany, Hungary,
Iceland, Norway, Slovakia, Sweden,
Switzerland, Thailand
Japanese High school students 49 people (Hiroshima 39, outside Hiroshima 10)  
International students enrolled in an university in Hiroshima 6 people Bangladesh, Ghana, Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Vietnam

(7) Schedule

Date Program details 
8/20 (Tue)


Program to learn the realities of the atomic bombing
(Tour Peace Memorial Museum, visit monuments , hear a testimony from an atomic bombing survivor)

Keynote speech

 ■“Japan’s Diplomacy on Nuclear Disarmament”
        Mr. Naoto Hisajima
        Director-General, Disarmament, NonProliferation and Science Department,
        Foreign Policy Bureau, Minister for Foreign Affairs

 ■“Accelerating Sustainable Development – Challenges and Opportunities-
        Ms. Mihoko Kumamoto 
        Director, Division of Prosperity,
        United Nations Institute for Training and Research Hiroshima Office

Team Building 

Lecture & Group discussion (Nuclear Abolition)


Lecture & Group discussion (Reconstruction and Peace-building)
Draft the Hiroshima Declaration


Visit Miyajima & Okonomiyaki Cooking Experience 

Observe the Hiroshima Lecture

Finalize the Hiroshima Declaration


Create “Our Action Plan”

Debriefing Session & Presentation of the Hiroshima Declaration
*with simultaneous Japanese & English interpretation * Open to the general public



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