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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Activity Report: UN High Level Political Forum (July, 2022)

Special Session on the UN High Level Political Forum (July, 2022)

At the special event on the HLPF, HOPe and GASPPA hold a dialog session, titled “The 2030 Agenda and global challenges Interconnections: A reflection on nuclear weapons and SDG implementation”

*This session will be started around “57:00”.



Professor, Osaka School of International Public Policy, Osaka University,

Co-Chair of the Working Group for Nuclear Disarmament and Sustainable Future of HOPe




Danielle McLaughlin

Project Lead,

Horizon 2045 Legal Strategies




Director, UNITAR Division for Prosperity and UNITAR Hiroshima Office





Hidehiko YUZAKI


Hiroshima Prefecture

Representative of HOPe



Presentation (HLPF)


Discussion Summary

  • The use of nuclear weapons would cause catastrophic damage to the achievement of all the goals set out in the SDGs. Hiroshima 76 years ago suffered devastating damage in every field, the environment was polluted, and above all, many precious lives were lost. Faced with the crisis in Ukraine, we need to remind ourselves that nuclear weapons pose a clear threat to the sustainable future of mankind.

  • Nuclear weapons continue to have a major negative impact on the achievement of the SDGs, even if they are not used, such as health damages in the manufacturing process of nuclear weapons, human suffering and environmental pollution due to nuclear testing,.

  • We must reconsider the nuclear weapons issue from the perspective of the sustainability of mankind and the earth, and recognize that both nuclear-weapon states and non-nuclear-weapon states are on the same ship, the earth.










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