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Hiroshima for Global Peace

Activity Report: TPNW 1st Meeting of the State Parties (June, 2022)

A Dialog Event at the ICAN Civil Society Forum; Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons 1st Meeting of the State Parties (June, 2022)

At the civil society forum held prior to the TPNW 1st Meeting of the State Parties, a dialogue event was held on the theme of “TPNW and Sustainability.”




Professor, Osaka School of International Public Policy, Osaka University,

Co-Chair of the Working Group for Nuclear Disarmament and Sustainable Future of HOPe




Michaela Higgins Sørensen

Youth Fusion *Member of GASPPA















TPNW and Sustainability

Discussion Summary

  • Until now, nuclear weapons have been discussed in terms of security and humanitarian aspects, but there has been no discussion on the axis of sustainability.

  • At Youth Fusion, in conveying the importance of the nuclear weapons issue, we are working to promote dialogue between generations, take a cross-sectoral approach, and communicate in an easy-to-understand manner so that many people can get involved.

  • At KNOW NUKES TOKYO, we are promoting activities such as mock conferences of the State Parties, dialogues with parliamentarians, and interviews with atomic bomb survivors.

  • We need to make this goal more visible so that more people can think about the nuclear weapons issue from the perspective of sustainability.

  • A scientific body like the IPCC(Intergovernmental Pannel on Climate Change) that makes evidence-based recommendations is needed to articulate the link between nuclear abolition and sustainability.

  • Nuclear abolition and sustainability have wide-ranging impacts, not only on the environment, but also on gender, education, and health.

  • It is necessary to break away from a security system that is overly dependent on nuclear weapons.












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